How To Work At Sephora?

Sephora Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

  • Minimum Age to Work at Sephora: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Sephora?)
  • Sephora Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri: am-pm; Sat: am-pm; Sun: am-pm.

How do you get a job at Sephora?

How to get HIRED at Sephora | NO Retail Experience! –

How is it to work at Sephora?

The company treats their employees well.

Unlike a lot of retail work, Sephora values their employees’ well-being. They understand that you’re a human being first, and will work with you at all times to make sure that you’re happy working with the Sephora family. They make retail feel more like fun and less like work.

Do you have to wear makeup to work at Sephora?

But besides donning Trek-y garb, Sephora employees must also wear fragrance and a full face of makeup. While most employees must wear eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, foundation, blush, and lipstick, some of them can get away with wearing less makeup, depending on their area of specialty and the location of the store.

How much do Sephora workers make?

Average Hourly Rate for Sephora Inc.

Sephora Inc. pays its employees an average of C$14.65 an hour. Hourly pay at Sephora Inc. ranges from an average of C$11.22 to C$20.69 an hour.

How should I dress for an interview at Sephora?

Sephora Sales Associate: Our typical uniform is all black. I suggest you’d be wearing all black. If you decide to wear makeup, make sure it looks nice because you are in a cosmetic store. Be really friendly, be personable, but also have a business side because you are working at job.

How do I ace a Sephora interview?


Is it better to work at Ulta or Sephora?

Great training – Sephora is heavily invested in the development of all employees and spend a lot of resource training and building their employees. I can say that Ulta offers more drugstore product options along with prestige and some luxury brands while Sephora is focoused more on the latter.

Does Sephora give free makeup to employees?


In these trainings, which typically occur a few times a week, Sephora workers may receive free products (in full, half, or sample sizes) to try.

How does Sephora train employees?

Sephora heavily invests in the training and development of our employees—both in job training/product knowledge and in career development. In our stores, every shift begins with a “Daily Dose” of training and every single employee has a tailored development plan to help them get to the next step in their career.

What are Sephora employees called?

For example, you’ve likely heard that in Sephora terms, each store is called a stage and the employees are called cast members who wear not uniforms but costumes.

What is Sephora dress code?

Yes, we all have to wear the red and black dress, but if you are full time you have a choice between the red and black dress or black pants with a black blouse.

Do you have to be pretty to work at Sephora?

Sephora workers aren’t allowed to make their way onto the store floor until they are wearing least three different eye shadow shades, a complexion base, a cheek color, a lipgloss or lipstick, and perfume. It’s pretty specific, but it seems to be working for them.

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What does Sephora pay hourly?

Hourly pay at Sephora Inc. ranges from an average of $10.64 to $24.79 an hour. employees with the job title Retail Store Manager make the most with an average hourly rate of $20.54, while employees with the title Cashier make the least with an average hourly rate of $10.58.

What are the benefits of working at Sephora?

Some of the most talked-about employee benefits at Sephora include:

  1. A comprehensive medical plan.
  2. 401 (k) match is 100% up to 4% of salary.
  3. A generous PTO policy.
  4. Up to 6 paid weeks of maternity.
  5. Flexible working hours.
  6. Employee discounts of up to 40%.

How much do they pay at Ulta?

Average Ulta hourly pay ranges from approximately $9.10 per hour for Cashier/Sales to $16.27 per hour for Retail Manager. The average Ulta salary ranges from approximately $18,178 per year for Lead Cashier to $90,000 per year for Merchandiser.