How To Work For Brinks?

How much do you make working for Brinks?

Average Brinks Home Security™ hourly pay ranges from approximately $9.81 per hour for Customer Care Specialist to $16.09 per hour for Telemarketer.

The average Brinks Home Security™ salary ranges from approximately $20,000 per year for Call Center Representative to $88,684 per year for Senior Sales Consultant.

What qualifications do you need to work for Brinks?

Brink’s Job Requirements

  • Strong Work History and Credit Record. A solid employment record and credit history are general requirements for securing work at Brink’s.
  • Ethics and Integrity.
  • Cash Handling and Math Skills.
  • Able to Qualify for a Firearm Permit.
  • Driver-Specific Requirements.

How much do Brinks armed guards make?

Brink’s Incorporated Salaries in the United States

Security & Public Safety Average Salary
Armed Guard 6 salaries reported $51,202 per year
Security Officer 5 salaries reported $29,803 per year
Security Guard 4 salaries reported $29,630 per year
Armed Security Officer 3 salaries reported $13.80 per hour

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Is Brinks a good company to work for?

Brinks has the potential to be a great company, however its management and the higher up that make the company a horrible and miserable place to work at. They treat the employees like slaves and don’t care about their safety or well being. The training is lousy, and the equipment and trucks are terrible.