How To Work For Funimation?

How do you audition for funimation?

Currently, there’s no set schedule for when we conduct open auditions. But, if you are over 18 years old, live nearby, and want to be included on the audition waiting list, send an email to [email protected]

Be sure you include the following:

  • Resume.
  • Demo Reel.
  • Contact Information.

Where is funimation located?

1200 Lakeside Pkwy Flower Mound, TX

Is funimation a good company?

Funimation is a GREAT company to work for as an anime fan – but you’ll end up paying the price in terms of salary to work there. Most people end up staying 5+ years because of the work friends you make and the type of properties you get to work on. The biggest downside is the lack of career advancement.

How much do Funimation voice actors make?

The average FUNimation Salary for Voice Actors is $77,468 per year.