How To Work For Sony?

How much do Sony employees make?

Average Sony hourly pay ranges from approximately $8.69 per hour for Production Worker to $20.00 per hour for Data Coordinator.

The average Sony salary ranges from approximately $23,815 per year for Sales Associate to $104,741 per year for Software Engineer.

Is Sony a good company to work for?

“Not a great company to work for but good enough for work life balance.” But as far as a Japanese company in US goes, this might be the best company. The benefits are long term oriented. It used to be that jobs at Sony were stable enough for the long term oriented benefits but no longer is the case.

Why do you want to work at Sony?

More than a job

Fuelling creativity and innovation aren’t the only things we do well. At Sony, our people also benefit from being part of a company that cares about its employees, local community and the world around them.

How much does a PlayStation representative make?

Average Sony Sales Representative yearly pay in the United States is approximately $28,488, which is 52% below the national average.