How To Work For The Fda?

How do you get a job with the FDA?

Anyone who wants a job at the FDA should complete a bachelor’s degree and apply for FDA job openings on the USAJOBS website.

  • Degree Options. Students can pursue any degree related to science or medicine.
  • Consider a Hiring Program – The Commissioned Corps.
  • Consider a Hiring Program – Student Employment Programs.

What degree do I need to work for the FDA?

Complete your education. There is not a specific degree requirement, but in order to be an FDA Inspector, you will need to have at least a bachelor’s degree with at least 30 credit hours in some combination of biology, chemistry, nutrition, food technology, medical science, engineering, and pharmaceutical medicine.

What jobs are in the FDA?

Careers at CDER

  1. Administrative Support Personnel.
  2. Commissioner’s Fellowship.
  3. Computer Specialists.
  4. Consumer Safety Officers (Regulatory Health Project Managers).
  5. Leadership Positions.
  6. Mathematical Statisticians.
  7. Physicians (Various medical specialties).
  8. Regulatory Counsel.

Is the FDA a good place to work?

This work environment is filled with great minds and people that care about the work they do everyday. There is a teamwork spirit among employees and management cares about its staff. FDA is a good place to work, life/work balance is extremely good, you can remote work 3days a week.