How To Work In Customs At Airport?

The base requirements for a U.S.

Airport Customs Officer is an undergraduate degree or one year of experience working in security.

In addition, you must have a valid driver’s license, proof of U.S.

citizenship, pass a drug test and a criminal background check.

How do I get a job in airport customs?

Career Requirements

  • Step 1: Earn a Bachelor’s Degree. Typically, a student considering a career as a customs officer completes a degree program as the first step.
  • Step 2: Apply for a Position and Meet Pre-Employment Requirements.
  • Step 3: Complete Required Training.
  • Step 4: Advance Your Career With Further Education.

What does a customs officer do at the airport?

What does a customs officer do? As customs officer, also known as a detection officer, you would work in airports and seaports collecting customs duties and preventing smuggling and illegal trade. You might: search luggage, vehicles and travellers.

How do I become a US customs agent at the airport?

The minimum requirements to become a customs agent include: being a U.S. citizen and a U.S. resident for at least three years, being younger than 40 years old, and having a valid driver’s license. You must also pass a medical exam, drug screening, background investigation, polygraph test, and physical fitness tests.

How can I work for US Customs?

If all minimum requirements have been met, the following steps are required to become a customs agent:

  1. Attend a degree program or gain experience in a related field.
  2. Apply on the US Customs and Border Protection website.
  3. Take and pass the entrance exam.
  4. Undergo a background investigation.

How do I join customs?

Those who clear the IRS Exam conducted by UPSC can join the high-grade post of Assistant Commissioner of Customs. For appearing these exams, the candidate should possess at least 50% marks in graduation. Those who have passed 12th class can apply for the post of lower division clerks within the department.

What do customs officers look for?

In fact, the CBP assesses all people who arrive by airplane, overland vehicle, ship or on foot and want to enter the U.S. The job of U.S. customs agents is to search for banned agricultural products and counterfeit goods, but they also are trained to seize street and pharmaceutical drugs, illegal immigrants and

How do I get a job at an airport?

Get in contact with companies that operate from airports. If you want to be a flight attendant, send a speculative application to a carrier that serves an airport close to you. If you want to work in security, read through the information on the Transportation Security Administration website.

How long does it take to get through customs at the airport?

between 30 minutes and 4 hours

What qualifications do you need to be customs officer?

To join at officer grade you will probably need five GCSEs (A-C) including English and maths, plus two A levels or equivalent qualifications. You will normally need two GCSEs (A-C) to join HMRC as an administrative assistant, and five GCSEs (A-C) including maths and English for assistant officer jobs.