How To Work With Tigers?

What jobs work with tigers?

What jobs are available at zoos?

  • Veterinarian. Responsible for the healthcare program for the animal collection and the maintenance of health records.
  • Veterinary Technician.
  • Animal Curator.
  • Conservation Biologist/Zoologist.
  • Keeper/Aquarist.
  • Registrar.
  • General Curator.
  • Zoo Director.

How do I work with big cats?

Your daily tasks will include:

  1. Caring for the amazing big cats.
  2. Taking part in the enrichment program.
  3. Preparation of food and feeding the animals.
  4. Cleaning and maintaining enclosures.
  5. Helping with general farm work.
  6. Educating visitors.

What degree do I need to work with big cats?

Look for schools with programs available in biology, animal science/technology, veterinary technology, wildlife management, or zoology. While not all positions require a degree, it’s helpful to have a background in animal studies of some sort.

How can we help endangered big cats?

Ensure Any Hunting of Big Cats’ Prey Species is Legal and Sustainable. Critical to saving big cats is to conserve their prey. In areas where all hunting is illegal, such as most protected areas, SMART-based patrols by well-trained rangers are effective in maintaining those prey populations.