Often asked: How Do You Get A Job At Buzzfeed?

Recruiters Share Their Tips for Getting a Job at BuzzFeed

Buzzfeed India is a network of video editors with offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Mumbai.

What degree do you need to work at BuzzFeed?

To work at BuzzFeed, what degree do you need? Bachelor’s degrees in mass media, marketing, or business administration are ideal for a successful application.

How much do BuzzFeed employees make?

Salary Ranges for BuzzFeed Jobs

Job Title Range Average
Project Manager, (Unspecified Type / General) Range:$52k – $101k (Estimated *) Average:-
Software Engineer Range:$87k – $170k (Estimated *) Average:-
Client Service Manager Range:$47k – $108k (Estimated *) Average:-
Content Writer Range:$35k – $68k (Estimated *) Average:-

Is BuzzFeed a good place to work?

Employee testimonials from BuzzFeed. The organization is a fantastic place to start your career in film and media. This is a wonderful location to start your video or writing career if you’re fresh out of college. The projects are a lot of fun to work on, and the production staff are really innovative and fun to work with.

How do you apply to BuzzFeed?

All employment applications, including references, must be submitted through the official BuzzFeed Jobs board (https://www.buzzfeed.com/about/jobs). BuzzFeed does not arrange job interviews until an application has been submitted through our job board.

Do BuzzFeed writers get paid?

According to reports, BuzzFeed pays $0.25 per word on average, however this varies. “We’re happy to collaborate with and publish celebrated authors, but that’s only part of the story,” the READER submission requirements state.

Who was fired from BuzzFeed?

Ryan Broderick, a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News, was fired in June 2020 after it was discovered that he had “plagiarized or misattributed facts in at least 11 of his articles.”

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Why did you leave BuzzFeed?

She stated, “I don’t want BuzzFeed to be my whole identity.” Safiya Nygaard (shown above), a former video producer at BuzzFeed, said in a YouTube video with more than 8.6 million views last month, “The main reason why I left BuzzFeed is to have independence.”

How do you get paid to write for BuzzFeed?

Email [email protected] to submit a pitch. If you’re new to us, feel free to send us some writing samples or writing clips. Please do not email finished manuscripts to us. Yes, we do pay for published work! Rates are determined by the amount of reporting or research required, the turnaround time, and the topic expert’s knowledge.

Is Alvin Zhou Chinese?

Alvin Karl Zhou was born in Fremont, California on August 13, 1995. His mother moved to China when he was 15 to care for his grandfather. In her home, he prepared a meal for her family. In 2015, he joined Tasty as a food video producer.

How much do BuzzFeed India employees make?

On Glassdoor, 4 BuzzFeed employees have revealed their wages. Salaries on BuzzFeed

Job Title Salary
Freelancer salaries – 1 salaries reported ₹ 25,377/mo
Freelance Contributor salaries – 1 salaries reported ₹ 5,000/mo
Intern salaries – 1 salaries reported ₹ 24,632/mo
Writer salaries – 1 salaries reported ₹ 40,000/mo

How much does a Google employee make a year?

Salaries by Job Title on Google The average Google employee earns $122,345 per year, however earnings vary greatly depending on the job. Quantitative analyst, hardware engineer, program manager, and interface designer are some of the high-paying jobs at Google.

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How much do BuzzFeed freelance writers?

How much does a BuzzFeed Writer earn? The average income for a BuzzFeed Writer is $45,000. At BuzzFeed, writers can earn anything from $30,026 to $78,072.

Is Tasty from BuzzFeed?

Tasty is now one of BuzzFeed’s most popular revenue-generating properties. Let’s look at how Tasty from BuzzFeed did it! Tasty was established by BuzzFeed in July 2015 and soon became a viral hit.

How much do the BuzzFeed unsolved guys make?

Ryan Bergara’s Social Media Profiles and Net Worth He makes an average salary of $50K to $86K through BuzzFeed, according to credible sources. As a result, his net worth is estimated to be in the millions of dollars. He also made money by selling products under the moniker BuzzFeed Unsolved.

Did Shane Madej leave BuzzFeed?

Steven Lim, Ryan Bergara, and Shane Madej, hosts of “Worth It,” have departed BuzzFeed to co-found Watcher, a new digital studio and network. The network will debut on Watcher’s YouTube channel on January 10, 2020, featuring original, unscripted video programming.

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