Question: Elnea Kingdom How To Get A Job?

How do you become royal in Elnea Kingdom?

You must have your character marry the Crown Royal in order to become a royal. Although this will elevate your character to royalty and grant access to 1-5 Dungeons, your character will not be referred to as the King or Queen with their spouse when their Crown Royal spouse becomes the next monarch.

How do you become a priest at Elnea Kingdom?

You must be single and have an intimate relationship with a Priest, Curate, or Acolyte to become a Priest, Curate, or Acolyte (male or female). You will be considered a candidate for the post if someone in the post dies or quits.

How do you get work points in Elnea Kingdom?

Work points are earned by completing quests and completing work tasks. Some commodities can be exchanged for warehouse work points. It’s worth noting that you can only gain 99,999 work points per year.

How long is a year in Elnea Kingdom?

A year in Elnea Kingdom is 30 days long.

How do you become a child of ENA?

Ena’s Child is a competition. If you’re in the competition, you’ll be summoned to the Royal Arena at 1 a.m. Two youths, one of each gender, will win and will be known as ” Children of Ena ” until the next Astral Day.

How do I quit Elnea Kingdom?

You’ll have to wait until the 24th to put on the Dismissal Agent Disguise if you wish to quit. If you are not playing in the Elnea Cup, the White Night period is from January 1 to July 27. If you’re in the Elnea Cup, you’ll have until the 27th after all of your matches (including the Bagwell match) are completed.

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How long does it take to have a baby in Elnea Kingdom?

The pregnancy will last for twenty-five days. When a birth egg is found in a bag, it becomes a viable possibility for conceiving a kid. If either you or your partner is elderly, or if both of you are older and there is no first child, you can use your birth egg. When the lifespan is short, however, it cannot be employed.

Where is the tiny bandage in Elnea Kingdom?

The fighting store sells Tiny Bandage. The Yano market’s combat store is located in the lower right corner.

How do you make money in Elnea Kingdom?

Here are a few simple money-making ideas. The greatest method to make constant money is to go on quests and get paid for doing jobs. Collect and sell seeds from the wrecked dungeons. You can easily earn 5000 bea per day by doing this (because you’re only allowed 10 seeds per day and they sell for 500 each).

How long is a day in Elnea Kingdom?

Each game block lasts 4 hours before switching to the following time block. P.S. I believe I read somewhere that each game day lasts 16 minutes in our time zone.

How do you get eggs in Elnea Kingdom?

Eggs can also be found in the Phomos Forest when gathering. When harvesting logs, a Bocoi may appear, and killing it may result in the production of Eggs.

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