Question: How To Get A Job Driving A Train?

How to Become a Train Driver

You must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or equivalent to apply for most entry-level railroad jobs. Completing high school will provide you with the basic educational background necessary for working in the railroad industry. Look for training programs that are frequently run in partnership with regional or local railroads.
Train service engineers are the most skilled and experienced. If you fail the skills test, the Federal Railroad Administration allows a retest. Additional training periods are required when assigned to a new train route. It’s never too late to become a train conductor or engineer.

What qualifications do you need to be a train driver?

To become a train driver, you do not need any specific qualifications; you can work as an apprentice or trainee for a company, and your employer will usually provide the necessary training. If your initial application is successful, you will be invited to an assessment center for tests and an interview.

How much does a train driver earn?

A Tube driver’s average base pay is u00a355,011 per year, with night tube drivers earning around half of that because their position is part-time, and trainee drivers earning u00a332,375 per year during their training, which lasts 12-16 weeks.

Is a train driver a good job?

Train driving is a popular job, with 1,100 people applying for each vacancy. There are many safety rules and precautions involved in train driving, and the ability to remain focused and calm is essential u2013 this isn’t a job for everyone.

How do you get a job on the railroad?

Rail companies typically require a high school diploma or equivalent, especially for locomotive engineers and conductors, who typically receive 2 to 3 months of on-the-job training before they can operate a train on their own.

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How many hours do train drivers work?

Most companies work a 35-hour week, which is divided into four or five shifts (known as turns) that include weekends, evenings, and nights, with more night shifts on freight or engineering trains.

Is there an age limit for train drivers?

Technically, there is no maximum age limit for train drivers as long as they pass their medicals, but if you want to start as a conductor, you must be 18 years old because it is a high-risk job that involves handling cash.

Is train driving easy?

It isn’t as simple as pressing the go/stop button and then putting your feet up. There are a lot of rules to learn, a lot of training, and procedures that must be followed or people will die. It isn’t as simple as pressing the go/stop button and then putting your feet up.

Are train drivers well paid?

Despite new technology that makes their jobs easier, some London Tube drivers are now earning more than u00a3100,000 a year. The basic salary for Tube drivers is u00a355,000, which is more than double the average wage for a nurse in London and more than many airline pilots earn.

Do you get paid while training to be a train driver?

Do you get paid while learning to drive a train? Yes, drivers are employed while learning to drive and are paid the entry salary for that operator. Training schemes typically last nine to 18 months, with London Underground’s course lasting 22 weeks.

Where do train drivers sleep?

They sleep on the train, either in their own sleeping car for sleeper attendants or in the dorm car for the diner/snack crew, while coach attendants sleep in their coaches.

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Is it hard to get a job as a train driver?

Train driving is one of the most popular careers, and each TOC receives thousands upon thousands of applicants for each job opening, making the train driver application process extremely competitive.

Why are train drivers paid so much?

They are on tracks and can only go forward or backwards; they cannot turn left or right because the points are changed for them; and they have speed limits but rarely adhere to them.

What jobs are on a train?

The 10 Most Popular Railroad Jobs

  1. Locomotive Electrician.
  2. Locomotive Engineer.
  3. Train Dispatcher.
  4. Rail Car Loader.
  5. Railroad Mechanic.
  6. Railroad Conductor.
  7. Track Laborer.

How long is a train conductor away from home?

Conductors work long days (typically 11 to 13 hours), are required to operate heavy machinery in sometimes inclement weather, and are unable to schedule time off for birthdays, holidays, or anniversaries.

Is the railroad a government job?

The Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) is an independent agency in the executive branch of the federal government that administers the railroad retirement program as well as certain benefit payments and railroad workers’ Medicare coverage under the Social Security Act.

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