Quick Answer: How To Get A Job At A Magazine?

What different magazine jobs are there?

Working for a magazine (like Cosmo!) is as exciting as it appears – at least, most of the time! However, it isn’t always clear how to get a position in magazines in the first place. We’ll walk you through some of the magazine positions that come together to help demystify media vocations.

The Editor

Magazine editors are in charge of all parts of the magazine’s production, from signing off on article and photoshoot ideas to ensuring that all content is accurate and on-brand before it goes to press. Everything that is published is ultimately the responsibility of the editor. It’s a significant job, and the most senior position on a publication.

Editorial assistant

The editing assistant is a chameleon; they could be the editor’s personal helper. They help the publication run smoothly and allow the editor to accomplish their job more effectively. They’re usually the editor’s confidante, and as a result, they often know more than the rest of the crew.

Features editor

The features editor is in charge of coming up with ideas for the magazine’s features sections as well as commissioning them. They’ll solicit ideas from authors and pitch them to the editor, who will make the final decision. Features editors cover a wide range of themes, including current events, feminism, technology, health, and relationships.

Staff writer

One of the last persons you’ll see writing for a magazine is the staff writer. They conduct interviews, conduct research, write large and short articles, and collaborate closely with subeditors to meet rigorous word counts and deadlines. Larger magazines employ digital journalists that focus on more frequent daily content that appeals to the online reader.

Digital editor

A digital editor will be in charge of the brand’s digital team and platforms as a whole. They’ll sign off on concepts that will become website stories, select what goes on the homepage, and regularly analyze data and traffic to ensure the website’s content attracts high traffic and engagement.

Social media manager

On platforms like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram, the social media manager is in charge of delivering the team’s articles directly to the audience. Social media allows a magazine to communicate directly with its audience, from sending an online article to the magazine’s Facebook page to Instagramming the newest cover star.

Fashion editor

The fashion editor is in charge of deciding what goes on the fashion pages of the magazine. They work with publicists to find out what items will be available when the magazine is out, style shoots, write articles, and attend a variety of events. It’s all about networking these days, so getting home in time to watch your favorite drama is a rare occurrence.

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Beauty editor

Nina Manandhar is Cosmopolitan.com’s staff editor-in-chief. The beauty editor keeps up with all of the latest beauty trends and generates new article ideas. They generate beauty picture shoot concepts and collaborate with the model, makeup artist, and photographer to create the perfect images.

Fashion/beauty assistants

Department assistants support editors in the creation of magazine stories or photoshoots by assisting on shoots, ‘calling in’ things or garments from PRs, and keeping track of credits. Being well-organized is a necessary, but persons in these positions, like those in editorial assistant positions, are frequently promoted to become fashion or beauty editors.


Subs are in charge of ensuring that all text in the magazine is grammatically, factually, and legally correct. They adjust features to match word counts and collaborate with the art team to ensure that the words and visuals work together seamlessly to produce the final product.

Art director

The art director is ultimately responsible for the appearance of a publication. They develop layouts from scratch using programs like inDesign and collaborate with subeditors and photo editors to ensure that the images and phrases fit precisely on the page. They’ll also be present at shoots, ensuring that the imagery adheres to the brief.

Advertising executive

Magazines rely heavily on advertising for revenue. The advertising staff is in charge of selling magazine pages to advertisers. This include managing connections with brands interested in advertising, negotiating rates, and collaborating with the editorial staff to develop advertorial stories.

Picture editor

The picture team is in charge of bringing articles to life by strategically placing the right photos on the page. It’s their responsibility to bring the editor’s vision to life, from deciding which photographers to hire to coordinating photo sessions with real-life readers to sourcing stock photographs from photo agencies.

Video editor

A video editor’s job entails everything from storyboarding and planning to the actual shoot day and guiding the talent in front of the camera. From small firms to large corporations, video editors can be found in all sizes and shapes of the industry.

Entertainment editor

When it comes to TV, film, music, and book releases, the entertainment editor must be ahead of the curve. She coordinates with publicists to acquire interviews that can be published in conjunction with the release of the celebrities’ new ventures. The position necessitates a master of organization as well as adaptability under duress.

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Piano.io is a website that is maintained by a community of users that submit content. They’re frequently specialists in travel, gastronomy, beauty, and other fields who provide their knowledge as needed for stories. More information on this and comparable content can be found at piano.io.

What qualifications do you need to work for a magazine?

You’ll need the following items:

  • Understanding of the English language
  • Media production and communication expertise
  • The capacity to read and write in English
  • Excellent ability to communicate verbally.
  • Must be meticulous and pay close attention to the smallest of details
  • Great communication skills in writing
  • The ability to collaborate effectively with others
  • To be adaptable and willing to change

How do I start working for a magazine?

That’s just how things are in this world.

  1. Internships are a great way to get started using traditional methods.
  2. Op-Ed pieces should be written and submitted.
  3. At conferences, make connections with journalists and executives.
  4. Keep an eye out for job postings on the internet.
  5. Writing Great Guest Posts for Target Magazines is a great way to get your name out there.
  6. Begin with the smallest publications and work your way up.
  7. Keep a Journalism Blog of Your Own.

How much do you make working for a magazine?

Magazine writers make an average of $50,000 a year.

What jobs are in magazines?

If you’re interested in working in the publishing sector, here are seven magazine careers with descriptions of their tasks and responsibilities.

  • Director of art. Art directors are in charge of a magazine’s overall appearance.
  • Editor in Chief.
  • Fact-checking software.
  • Editor for a magazine, photographer for a magazine, advertiser for a magazine, and marketer for a magazine.

What skills do video editors need?


  • A critical mind and a strong eye for detail
  • A strong interest in film and video editing, as well as creativity.
  • Patience and focus are required.
  • The ability to pay attention to others and operate well in a group
  • A great level of self-motivation, dedication, and commitment
  • Skills in time management and organization.

How do I become a magazine writer?

The magazine sector, like other print media, has shrunk in the digital age, yet magazine writers still have jobs. They have to:

  1. Sources should be developed.
  2. Submit stories to editors for consideration.
  3. Subjects for interviews
  4. Keep in touch with your sources.
  5. A first draft should be researched, written, and submitted.
  6. Revise.
  7. Working with fact-checkers and copy editors is a good idea.
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How much do vogue employees make?

Salaries in the United States of America

Job Title Salary
Associate Editor salaries – 4 salaries reported $60,880/yr
Fashion Assistant salaries – 4 salaries reported $18/hr
Senior Fashion Writer salaries – 3 salaries reported $35,400/yr
Photo Researcher salaries – 2 salaries reported $14/hr

What is a magazine editor’s job?

Magazine editors are communication experts who develop, manage, and publish periodicals for their readers. They use effective delegation of responsibilities to establish editorial calendars, develop story ideas, manage authors, edit content, and manage the production process.

What jobs in fashion make the most money?

The top 15 fashion careers in terms of pay

  • Manager of e-commerce.
  • Manager of marketing.
  • Manager of a brand.
  • Director of photography.
  • Manager of sourcing.
  • Manager of a product.
  • Director of design, as well as creative director.

Do contributing writers get paid?

Feature pieces are usually between 1,800 and 2,000 words long. Because the submission criteria confirm (but do not specify) that contributors are compensated, Who Pays Writers reports that the average remuneration per word is 31 cents.

What do 2020 writers earn?

According to Glassdoor’s most recent data, the average yearly compensation has increased to $60,296. That’s more than Glassdoor’s average of $42,120 a year for freelance writers in general, but not quite as much as ZipRecruiter’s annual salary average of $63,830.

How can I work for Vogue?

Acquire experience. You can do this by working for other regional or national journals and newspapers. Writing for the internet is also a popular approach to gain experience. The majority of the jobs you’ll be applying for at Vogue will require you to have three to five years of experience.

Do magazines make money?

These periodicals not only provide essential information to readers every week or month, but they also generate a profit. They have the potential to be very profitable. Circulation and subscriptions, classified advertising, and print advertising are the three ways magazines make money.

What is the head of a magazine called?

An editor-in-chief, sometimes known as a lead editor or chief editor, is the editorial leader of a publication who is ultimately responsible for the publication’s operations and policies.

What are magazine departments?

Departments are monthly articles that appear before the feature well of a magazine and follow the same format. They are also known as columns. The section of a magazine that holds the features is known as the feature well. Back of the book/back matter: the pages of a magazine that closely follow the feature.

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