Readers ask: What Kind Of Job Can I Get With A Communications Degree?

Top 10 Best Jobs for Communication Majors

Students who study in communications learn to evaluate the requirements and preferences of readers, viewers, and listeners. Communications majors learn how to plan, manage, and execute initiatives, programs, and events. They must be meticulous in their attention to detail while still comprehending the big picture.
Majors in communications are well-positioned to think strategically about how to use the media to impact public perceptions. According to the BLS, meeting and event planners earned a median annual salary of $50,600 in May 2019. Public relations professionals’ employment will grow at a rate of 6% through 2028, which is about average for all occupations. Communications majors are specially suited to evaluate how different demographic groups consume media in order to predict where advertisements should be placed. In their meetings with alumni, parents, and other possible donors, both development and alumni officials must exercise a considerable lot of social finesse. Managers of social media platforms must be skilled.
As of May 2019, the median annual pay for a human resources professional was $61,920. Jobs in the field are expected to expand by 5% through 2028, according to the BLS. To chronicle advances in business, industry, and the economy, business reporters use journalistic writing abilities. A target population’s health-related problems and needs are assessed by health educators. Just as a salesperson must be able to anticipate the demands of her clients, communications majors learn to gauge an audience’s preferences.

Interpersonal and communication abilities are required of brand managers in order to elicit collaboration from other sales, marketing, and advertising partners. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) anticipates that employment of wholesalers will increase.

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Is Communications a good career?

Communication is a vast field that offers a wide range of job options. Despite the diversity of options, they are all founded on the foundation of creativity. Professionals in the creative industries have some of the highest job satisfaction percentages. A career in communication is a fulfilling one.

Is a communications degree worth it?

For many students, a communication degree is worthwhile. A degree in communication can help you start a career in this dynamic field, with an average salary of $62,949 per year. Film and video editors, announcers, public relations, news reporters, and authors are all common communication jobs.

What is the highest paying job in communications?

VP of public relations, VP of communications, account director, executive producer, and digital strategist are some of the highest-paying careers for communication students that require a master’s degree and years of experience. Such jobs can pay anywhere from roughly $100,000 to $140,000 on average.

What is a communications major good for?

Majors in communications research the most effective methods for communicating information at both the interpersonal and organizational levels. Many communications students pursue careers in fields such as mass communication and media, film, music, television, journalism, public relations, and advertising.

What are the six fields of communication?

Communication Studies: Fields of Communication

  • Communication between cultures.
  • Communication between people.
  • Nonverbal communication is a type of communication that occurs without using words.
  • Communication within an organization.
  • Persuasion and Social Influence are two terms that are used interchangeably.
  • Rhetoric.
  • Communication in Small Groups
  • Language / Verbal Communication

Is a communications degree hard?

There are frequently asked questions about what Communications majors do and what types of professions you may acquire with a Communications degree (we can do everything). Communication is a difficult subject, just like any other. However, many individuals erroneously believe that this equates to enjoyment.

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What is the most useless degree?

Several websites have compiled a list of the most useless degrees.

  • Public relations and advertising.
  • Archaeology / Anthropology
  • Mass media/communications
  • The criminal justice system.
  • Education.
  • Studies of ethnicity and culture.
  • Design for the fashion industry.
  • Film, video, and photography are all forms of art.

Do communications majors make money?

The median college graduate with a communications degree makes $31,400, around the same as the median US worker, according to the most recent data from the US Department of Education College Scorecard. However, not all communication programs are made equal.

Is communications an easy major?

Communication (number 7) Because you won’t be doing any significant science, math, or writing coursework, a communications major is easier. The average income for communication majors is $60,000.

How can I make the most money with a communications degree?

7 High-Paying Jobs for People Who Have a Communications Degree

  1. Managers of marketing. A marketing manager is the highest-paying career available to persons with a communications degree.
  2. Managers of public relations.
  3. Writers that specialize in technical writing.
  4. Analysts who conduct market research.
  5. Authors and writers.
  6. Managers of advertising.
  7. Editor.

What is a good salary per year?

What are the criteria that decide whether or not a wage is good? “According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), full-time workers’ median weekly earnings were $854 in the fourth quarter of 2017, translating to an annual median pay of $44,408,” says Jill Gonzalez, an analyst at WalletHub.

Are communication majors in demand?

According to the NACE survey, public relations and advertising were among the most in-demand communications degrees. A communications degree can lead to jobs in broadcast engineering or technical writing, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

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Is Media Communications a good major?

Media communication studies is a popular major because of its adaptability; it can lead to jobs in a variety of fields. Many colleges offer career placement assistance for recent graduates, and students pursuing a media communications degree frequently participate in networking events and internships.

Should I study marketing or communications?

Many jobs and organizational structures require the ability to communicate effectively. A marketing education prepares students for professions in advertising or media, whereas communication studies allow them to pursue careers in journalism or public relations.

Should I major in English or communications?

The practice of communications necessitates keeping up with current and developing trends, as well as capturing and maintaining people’s attention. English majors, on the other hand, allow students to participate in a wide range of disciplines within one major, depending on the curriculum they choose.

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