FAQ: How To Get A Job At A Craft Brewery?

How to Get a Job at a Brewery

In 2019, global beer production totaled 1.91 billion hectoliters, contributing $82.9 billion to the US economy alone. The brewing industry employs over 580,000 people in the US and over 2.3 million in Europe, and it welcomes specialists from a variety of backgrounds and skills.

Sales Manager

If you have no prior experience, becoming a sales manager at a brewery may be a good option. Sales managers work closely with distributors to sell and promote the company’s beer. If you are interested in brewing and have at least basic engineering qualifications, you will be able to find a suitable position.


Create a resume that meets industry standards to increase your chances of landing an interview. A resume is an application document that includes information about your education, experience, training, and skills. It aims to show recruiters that you have the right background and proficiencies for the position.

Cover letter

A professional cover letter contains the following components: a header, salutation, introduction, body paragraphs, final paragraph, and closing. There are many reasons why people are interested in the brewing industry.

Get an education

A Cicerone is a trained professional who manages sales, staff education, and day-to-day operations. It is a three-level training program that educates specialists in areas such as beer, brewing, and food pairing, and there are many programs and schools that prepare specialists.

How do I become a craft brewery?

And, according to three craft brewers, this is how you can start your own brewery.

  1. Volunteer at a local brewery.
  2. Taste as much beer as you can.
  3. Brew beer at home.
  4. Get a formal education.
  5. Begin at the bottom.
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What is it like to work at a brewery?

It can be strenuous work, and there are different roles in every workplace, but in most smaller breweries, everyone pitches in and helps each other out, and those filled kegs or flats of beer don’t stack or load themselves, so everyone helps carry heavy equipment and move it around.

What do you call someone who works at a brewery?

1. brewer – a person who brews beer or ale from malt, hops, and water. 2. maker, shaper – a person who creates things.

Are craft breweries profitable?

We’ve seen a 3,000-barrel brewery make almost $3 million in revenue while profiting $300,000 through our team’s extensive experience working with craft breweries, and we’ve also seen a 3,000-barrel brewery make almost $3 million in revenue while profiting $50,000 through our team’s extensive experience working with craft breweries.

Why is craft beer better?

Better Taste Craft beer has a richer, more distinct flavor than mass-produced beer, and most craft brewers are passionate about the taste and flavour of their beer, so they devote the time and effort necessary to maintain or improve the quality of their product rather than focusing on large marketing campaigns.

Can I sell home brewed beer?

That may pique the interest of those who experiment with hops and grains at home, because federal law has always been clear: selling home-brewed beer is illegal.

How much do craft brewers make?

Salaries for Brewers

Job Title Salary
Lagunitas Brewing Company Brewer salaries – 8 salaries reported $21/hr
Anheuser-Busch InBev Brewer salaries – 4 salaries reported $33/hr
Stone Brewing Brewer salaries – 4 salaries reported $20/hr
Craft Brew Alliance Brewer salaries – 4 salaries reported $39,625/yr
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How much profit does a microbrewery make?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of breweries in the United States that can provide a comfortable living for 2-4 people on 1000-2000 barrels per year, and selling beer directly out of a taproom can easily bring in $900 per barrel.

How much do Cicerones make?

If you love beer and want to work in the industry, becoming a cicerone is one of the best options.

Who is the biggest brewer in the world?

AB InBev, a Belgian company, was the world’s leading brewing group in 2019, with a production volume of 561.4 million hectoliters, more than double the amount produced by Heineken, a Dutch company, which came in second that year.

What is a male brewery worker called?

male brewery worker (7)
Male brewery worker (7)
Brewery worker who loses his nerve? (7)

Why do Breweries fail?

Hundreds of breweries close their doors each year, according to the Brewer’s Association, and increased competition, rent, and landlord issues are some of the reasons for brewery failures, according to Bart Watson, the BA’s chief economist.

How do you price craft beer?

Taking the wholesale price of an average pour or a bottle and multiplying it by 2, 2.5, or 3 depending on how expensive the wholesale cost was in the first place is a common method of pricing bottled craft beer.

What city has the most craft breweries?

Whether you’re a Millennial, a Baby Boomer, or a Gen Xer, craft beer fans will want to visit Portland, Maine, which has the most craft breweries per capita in the United States, with 18 breweries per 50,000 people.

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