FAQ: How To Get A School Cafeteria Job?

School Cafeteria Worker jobs

Is working in a school cafeteria hard?

Opening the cafeteria early in the morning was the most difficult part of the job, but once I got started, everything went smoothly. Cooking, food tasting, and team play were the most fun aspects. There’s room for progression, and it’s ideal for parents with school-aged children. It is a fast-paced and at times difficult job.

What are school cafeteria workers called?

A lady who prepares and serves lunch. lady who serves lunch lady from the cafeteria lady for dinner assistant in the café

What does a cafeteria worker do?

Cafeteria personnel serve customers according to their preferences or the menu. Utensils, cooking and storage equipment should all be clean. Follow all food and beverage preparation requirements, as well as cafeteria safety and sanitary policies. Workers in cafeterias may also work as cashiers.

How much do college cafeteria workers make?

Salary of a Cafeteria Worker

Annual Salary Weekly Pay
Top Earners $27,500 $528
75th Percentile $24,500 $471
Average $21,847 $420
25th Percentile $19,000 $365

Do school workers get paid in the summer?

Teachers are not paid during the summer. They may be paid for labor completed during the school year, but they do not have access to a lengthy vacation break. Many instructors, in fact, are compelled to work a second job for at least part of the break.

What does a food service worker do in a school?

On a daily basis, school food service employees conduct a variety of tasks. They might clean tables and dining areas, restock service stations, prepare and serve meals and drinks, answer queries, and receive payment for cafeteria products.

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How much do school cafeteria workers make in Texas?

Salary in a Texas school cafeteria

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $35,441 $17
75th Percentile $24,366 $12
Average $24,497 $12
25th Percentile $18,606 $9

How much do school cafeteria workers make in California?

The average annual wage for a School Cafeteria in the United States is $26,996 per year as of April 12, 2021. Top 10 Cities with the Best Paying School Cafeteria Jobs.

City San Francisco, CA
Annual Salary $30,959
Monthly Pay $2,580
Weekly Pay $595
Hourly Wage $14.88


What do lunch ladies do?

Every week, school cafeteria staff, affectionately known as “lunch ladies,” prepare and serve hundreds of meals to help children avoid hunger. Working as a lunch lady allows you to retain the same daily routine as your children, with time off for holidays and summer vacation.

What does a school cafeteria manager do?

The Cafeteria Manager is in charge of the company cafeteria on site. Ordering, inventory, meal planning, food preparation, and serving are all under his supervision. Being a Cafeteria Manager ensures that all food safety and sanitary laws are followed.

How much do lunch ladies make in California?

Salary of a California School Lunch Aide

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $36,866 $18
75th Percentile $31,459 $15
Average $29,014 $14
25th Percentile $22,119 $11

How much does a cafe worker get paid in Korea?

In South Korea, the average gross wage for a cafe worker is 18,137,586 won, or $8.720 per hour. They also get an average bonus of $861,535 per year.

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