How To Work An Ipod Shuffle?

How do I get my iPod shuffle to work?

If iPod shuffle is on and not connected to a computer, you can use VoiceOver to hear the battery status by pressing the VoiceOver button twice.

Use iTunes on your computer to set up iPod shuffle to play music and other audio content.

Then connect iPod shuffle to your computer and sync it to your iTunes library.

Can you still use an iPod shuffle?

After 12 years on the market, Apple discontinued the iPod Shuffle in July 2017. Even though there are no new models, the Shuffle still a great device for many users. Even better, it can be found both new and used for attractive prices.

How do I use an old iPod shuffle?

How to Use an iPod : Tips on Your iPod’s Shuffle Usage –

How do I get my iPod to shuffle?

How to turn shuffle on or off on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Android device

  • Open the Music app.
  • Open an album or playlist. To turn on shuffle, tap Shuffle at the top of the screen. To turn off shuffle, tap the song that’s playing at the bottom of the screen to open Now Playing, tap , then tap .