How To Work As A Security Guard?

To become a security guard, you will proceed through steps similar to the ones below.

  • Apply for an open position of security guard.
  • Be interviewed for the position.
  • Pass a background check.
  • Get hired as a security guard.
  • Receive on-the-job training once hired.

Is security guard an easy job?

They make around the same amount and work 10x harder and are under a lot of stress. Security is usually a very easy job which is why it probably gets associated with being lazy a lot.

What qualifications do you need for security guard?

Our basic employment requirements for security officers include:

  1. Minimum age of 18 (21 years of age if applying for an armed position)
  2. Proof of eligibility to work in the United States.
  3. High school diploma/GED (or agreement to complete a GED program within six months of hire)

Can you work as a security guard without a license?

You must have a valid licence card to work as a security guard or private investigator. Working without a valid licence is a violation of the Private Security and Investigative Services Act and may lead to charges.

How do I get a job in private security?

Apply for Licensure/Registration

To work for a private contractor company as a security professional, workers must earn a private security contractor license or registration with their state. Applicants typically need to hold a certain amount of training or experience and must pass a private security contractor exam.

How do security guards not get bored?

Ways to Prevent On-the-Job Boredom

If security guards want to avoid boredom on the job they need to mix it up a bit, giving themselves some mental and physical variety. Simple exercises can help the body stay more alert. Maybe try a couple jumping jacks once an hour or at least stretch your arms and legs.

Are security jobs boring?

You’re hired to deter criminals and keep people and property safe, to be in a constant state of readiness. But, generally speaking, the best evidence that you’ve done what you were hired to do is when nothing actually happens. That can make most security guard jobs both stressful and boring.

What is the difference between security guard and security officer?

A security guard, unlike officers, are the lower ranking of the two. Usually, a security guard would work under a security officer, and would not be required to have as much experience in the field as an officer. They may only have to pass entry level fitness and IQ tests, and typically get paid less than an officer.

How much is a security course?

Course Overview

$995 is the average course fee entered on My Skills by 9 training provider(s). 3 Weeks is the average course duration entered on My Skills by 7 training provider(s).

How much is security training?

The cost to attend Professional Security Training ranges from $80 to $275 depending on the qualification, with a median cost of $100. When asked how they paid for their training, most reviewers responded, “I paid for it myself”.