How To Work At A Dispensary In California?

What do you need to work at a dispensary in California?

How old do you have to be to work at a dispensary in California?

The minimum age you need to be to work in a cannabis dispensary in California is 21 years of age.

Is it legal to work at a dispensary in California?

Can I Be 18 and Work at a Dispensary in California? No, the minimum age to get a job at a dispensary in California is 21 years old.

How much do dispensaries make in California?

Some dispensaries in California claim to make upwards of $20 million in a calendar year. This is more than some Apple stores make.

Do you need a license to be a Budtender in California?

Besides these small legal requirements, there is no special license or certification required for those working in the marijuana industry in California. In general, the dispensaries and other cannabis businesses themselves have to deal with getting licensed, while workers are more or less free to work anywhere.

Are dispensaries regulated?

Cannabis dispensaries in the United States or marijuana dispensaries are a local government regulated physical location, typically inside a retail storefront or office building, in which a person can purchase cannabis and cannabis related items for medical or recreational use.

Does going to a dispensary go on your record?

Bring a valid government-issued ID that shows your age and home address. Dispensaries will scan IDs, as other weed-legal states do, to ensure they’re legitimate, but they’re not allowed to keep records of who goes to the shop and how often. Lawmakers wrote portions of the cannabis law to protect consumers’ privacy.

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How do you become a certified Budtender?

Required Education

The educational requirements for a budtender are varied by state and dispensary; however, individuals will need at least a high school diploma. Some job seekers may choose to pursue a budtender certification offered online through various educational institutions.

How do you apply for a dispensary?

How to Get a Job at a Dispensary: 8 Tips to Become a Budtender

  • Know Your Product.
  • Describe What Outstanding Service Is to You During Your Interview.
  • Get Experience.
  • Stay Aware of Trends.
  • Show that You Have Soft Skills.
  • Research the Dispensaries in Your Area.
  • Use Your Networks.
  • Have a Great Resume.

What does it take to work in a dispensary?

The qualifications needed to work in a dispensary vary significantly by position, as well as by state or municipality. You must be at least 18 years old to work in the industry, and some positions may require background checks to ensure you have a clean driving and arrest record.