How To Work At A Nuclear Power Plant?

Is it safe to work at a nuclear power plant?

Working at a nuclear power plant is very safe.

The radiation levels you would receive are small.

However, because of the high level of scrutiny and the huge emphasis placed in safety, industrial accidents at nuclear power plants are much less likely.

How much do you get paid to work in a nuclear power plant?

Nuclear Power Reactor Operators will normally receive an average wage of Seventy Seven Thousand Eight Hundred dollars yearly. Nuclear Power Reactor Operators can expect the highest salaries in New York, where they receive an average salary rate of approximating $83530.

What jobs are in a nuclear power plant?

Not Just Nuclear Engineering Jobs

Skilled Trades Engineering & Professions Technicians & Radiologists
Operators of heavy equipment Civil engineers Radiation protection specialists
Masons Health physicists Reactor operators
Pipefitters Lawyers Scientists
Sheet metal workers Mechanical engineers

5 more rows

How do I become a power plant operator?

To become licensed, operators must meet training and experience requirements, pass a medical exam, and pass the NRC licensing exam. To keep their license, operators must pass a plant-operating exam each year, pass a medical exam every 2 years, and apply for renewal of their license every 6 years.