How To Work For Pinterest?

How much do Pinterest employees make?

The average Pinterest Salary for Employees is $250,476 per year.

How do I get a job at Pinterest?

How to get a job at Pinterest

  • Step 1: Pinterest invites you to come in and give a presentation about your work, your philosophy and your plans for how you’d word things if you managed to become a writer there.
  • Step 2: Practice, practice, practice what you’re going to say.

Can you work for Pinterest from home?

Use your love of Pinterest to actually earn extra money online. Even a full time income! This is a great way moms (or anyone) can work at home and make money!

Is Pinterest a good company to work for?

It was a fair and cool work place. A friendly environment to be in and nice people to work with. It’s like being at a little city inside of San Francisco. Pinterest believes in work/life balance, and the mission behind working for Pinterest is extremely inspiring no matter what department you’re working for.