How To Work For The Cdc?

What degree do I need to work for the CDC?

Applicants must have successfully completed a full 4-year course of study in an accredited college or university leading to a bachelor’s or higher degree in an academic field related to the health sciences or allied sciences appropriate to the work of the position.

Is the CDC a good place to work?

When you work at CDC, you take on part of our mission to help make the world a healthier place. In fact, we work in over 50 countries and respond to hundreds of outbreaks and emergencies each year. And it all starts with people like you.

How much do you make working for the CDC?

Good Pay, Lush Benefits

Most CDC employees are civil servants. Jobs for experienced professionals and scientists typically are rated GS-12 ($59,383 to $77,194 in 2009) to GS-15 ($98,156 to $127,604).

Do nurses work for the CDC?

The CDC/ATSDR Nurses Work Group includes nearly 200 nurses across the globe who support the CDC’s mission of protecting health and saving lives. “While ‘nurse’ is rarely in our official title, nursing expertise and training strengthen our impact at the agency and in the communites we serve,” says Mettee.