How To Work In Real Estate Without A License?

How do you get into real estate without an agent?

Six Easy Ways to Make Money in Real Estate (Without Becoming an Agent)

  • Flip properties.
  • Flip contracts.
  • Purchase a house the old-fashioned way.
  • Hold the paper.
  • Sell leads to realtors.
  • Sell the leads to investors.

Can an unlicensed person show a house?

An unlicensed person may sit at an open house, but cannot give any information about the property beyond handing out listing sheets and acting as security for the property, but that is about it. An unlicensed person may not “show” the property (ie: walk around pointing out features).

What careers require a license?

Examples of occupations licensed in many states include: teachers, land surveyors, doctors, lawyers, cosmetologists, nurses, building contractors, counselors, therapists, and electricians. To obtain a license you must demonstrate that you meet state standards for that career.

How much does an unlicensed real estate assistant make?

National Average

Salary Range (Percentile)
25th Average
Annual Salary $28,500 $52,993
Monthly Salary $2,375 $4,416
Weekly Salary $548 $1,019

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