How To Work In Spain As An American?

How can an American get a job in Spain?

2. Six ways to find a job in Spain

  • Walk around with your CV in hand.
  • Do seasonal and odd jobs.
  • Start a freelance teaching/tutoring business.
  • Go to a staffing agency.
  • Do a short-term volunteer gig.
  • Search on Facebook.

How can a foreigner get a job in Spain?

Try to get a job or an Internship before you get to Spain by applying from your home country. Send in your CV and cover letter, and see if your Spanish contacts can refer you. If you are an EU citizen, you are entitled to work in Spain.

Is it hard to get a job in Spain?

It’s better to rip off the Band-Aid, so here goes: getting gainful employment when you don’t hold an EU passport, ie jobs for Americans in Spain, can be difficult, though not impossible. It’s a common misconception that teaching English is the only job you can get in Spain.

What do you need to work in Spain?

What do I need to work in Spain?

  1. Get a Social Security Number.
  2. NIE: NĂºmero de Identidad de Extranjero.
  3. Open a Spanish bank account.
  4. Register at the Town Hall.
  5. Register with a doctor and get a health card.
  6. Work visas for non-EU citizens.