How To Work Ninja Professional Blender?

How do you turn on a Ninja Professional Blender?

Make sure the lid is on with the spout directly opposite from the handle.

And if the lid is not locked down completely, the power button will flash red and not start.

ALSO make sure the pitcher of the blender is on the base correctly.

How do I use my ninja Professional 1500 watt blender?

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Why is my Ninja blender not working?

If you have the lid locked and the red light is still flashing, you most likely do not have the 2 arrows aligned properly. Resposition it so the arrows are aligned and the lid is able to lock properly. Another issue could be that the the pitcher of the blender is NOT properly fitted on the base of the blender.

How do you use the Ninja IQ in Blender?

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How do I get my ninja to work?

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How do you turn on Ninja IQ Auto IQ?

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