How To Work With Worbla?

Which side of Worbla do you heat?

Worbla (Normal)

Since it’s thicker than the other plastics, you have to put a little more effort in to heating and shaping.

The platsic has two sides, the shiny side with the glue and the dull side.

Although worbla does stick to itself, ideally you would want the glue side down.

What does Worbla not stick to?

The heated Worbla will not stick to the aluminum tape and the board will not catch on fire with the heat gun or knife. The aluminum will reflect heat when you hit it with a heat gun, but this actually helps you heat up your Worbla more evenly.

What can I use instead of Worbla?

Sintra. What it is: Sintra is a lightweight thermoplastic originally used to outdoor signs. It’s very durable (much more durable than Worbla) but still very easy to work with.

How do you make Worbla armor?

How to create Worbla Armor: Basic Cosplay Tutorial –

Can you heat Worbla with a hair dryer?

When heated, Worbla can be molded into whatever shape you want and becomes rigid when cool. The easiest way to shape Worbla is using a heat gun (or hair dryer in a pinch) and heat knife. The drawback is that both these items create a lot of heat and heat BURNS things.

Does Worbla melt in the sun?

(A car can reach an indoor temp of 80°C / 175°F in the sun, and Worbla’s Finest Art begins to soften at 65°C / 150°F. This heat can soften Worbla, and if it is weighed down it will shift and warp, or stick to itself.)

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Can Worbla be sanded?

Generally apply 1-2 coats, 15-30 minutes apart. Optional: Sand with 220 grit sandpaper. Results: They do not smooth Worbla on it’s own, but do help further smooth Gesso and Wood Glue.

How do you attach Worbla to fabric?

Tutorial: Attaching worbla to fabric –

How do you flatten Worbla?

If you are storing your Worbla, we suggest unrolling them into something looser: if left in tight rolls they will be difficult to unroll later. If your Worbla is curling when you unroll it, clear a space and lay it flat with weights on each corner for 24 hours. This should help flatten it for use.