How To Work Your Traps?

What exercises work your traps?

Top 5 Upper Traps Exercises

  • Farmer’s Walks. The Farmer’s Walk is a great upper-trap builder because the weight in your hands pulls your shoulders down when you walk, which is an unstable motion.
  • Heavy Deadlifts. I’m not saying to perform just any Deadlift.
  • Trap-Bar Deadlifts.
  • Olympic Lifts.
  • The Gittleson Shrug.

How do you work your traps at home?

Bodyweight Trapezius Home Workout: No Weights –

How can I increase my trap size?

5 Exercises for BIGGER TRAPS

  1. Trap Bar Shrugs. Trap bar shrugs are a great way to overload the traps with external load, use a grip placement that allows for high terminal elevation, and minimize the stress on the anterior shoulder.
  2. Barbell Shrugs.
  3. Dumbbell Shrugs.
  4. Rack Pulls.

When should I train traps?

Weightlifting and training manuals suggest that you don’t work any muscle group on back-to-back training days. If you follow this approach this means you work your traps 3 or 4 times per week. Taking a rest/recovery day in between workouts.