Often asked: What Should I Get A Job In?

12 Factors to Look For in a Job Other than a Paycheck

When people are asked what they look for in a job, the first thing that comes to mind is usually the pay, but digging deeper reveals a plethora of other factors to consider, opening up a world of possibilities in both life and work. Once we learn to be content with less, we are free to consider other factors when choosing work.

2) You enjoy your co-workers

Even if you aren’t the most popular person in the office, knowing that they support you, cheer for you, and work together as a team is reassuring.

3) You feel appreciated and valued

This can be expressed in a variety of ways, including respect, unexpected gifts, or a simple “thank you.” A paycheck is nice, but it goes straight to the bank; appreciation is something you keep in your heart.

4) You are trusted

And when you’re given a task, you have the freedom to complete it however you want – regardless of your work ethic or who you are.

5) It is something you love to do

“Find a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life,” says author Robert Jobson. “Look for something that motivates you by your humanity, not just your paycheck.”

6) It fits your personality

How much do you enjoy interacting with people and completing tasks? For more information on finding a job that fits your personality, click here.

How do I decide on a career?

Take some time to go over this list of ways to choose your top career options, which you can print out and keep.

  1. Build a list of careers you want to learn more about.
  2. Create a list of 2-5 top career choices.
  3. Think about your short-term and long-term goals.
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How do I know what job is right for me?

Here are five steps you can take to find a career that will truly fulfill you.

  1. Make a list of your options.
  2. Look for overlap.
  3. Network.
  4. Ask a mentor.
  5. Remember when you were in high school and were given career personality tests that told you what you should be when you grew up?

What jobs are good to get into?

A few jobs in other fields, such as finance and education, also check all of the boxes.

  • Software Developer.
  • Postsecondary Teacher.
  • Nurse Practitioner.
  • Financial Manager.
  • Management Analyst.
  • Physical Therapist.
  • Construction Manager.

Where should I work for my first job?

1. Jobs in the Food Service Industry

  • Dishwasher.
  • Bartender or barback.
  • Waitress, waiter, or server.
  • Busperson.
  • Barista.
  • Prep cook or line cook.
  • Fast food worker.

What is the happiest job in the world?

According to a Guardian analysis, engineers are the happiest people on the planet, closely followed by teachers and nurses.

How do I find a career I love?

How to find a job you’ll enjoy:

  1. Start with introspection.
  2. Develop your personal brand.
  3. Identify a “board of advisors”
  4. Build your network.
  5. Gain relevant experience and skills.
  6. Finally, don’t compromise (or, at least, know what you can compromise on).

What are the easiest jobs to get with no experience?

Take a look at our top picks and start filling out those applications, no matter how brief your resume is.

  • Medical Assistant.
  • Administrative Assistant.
  • Veterinary Assistant.
  • Customer Care Specialist.
  • Legal Assistant.

What job makes the most money?

Prepare to be matched!

  • Surgeon. #2 in Best Paying Jobs.
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. #3 in Best Paying Jobs.
  • Obstetrician and Gynecologist. #4 in Best Paying Jobs.
  • Orthodontist. #5 in Best Paying Jobs.
  • Prosthodontist. #6 in Best Paying Jobs.
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What is the easiest high paying job?

Top 18 Best-Paying Simple Jobs

  1. If you’re looking for a simple, high-paying job, consider house sitting.
  2. Personal Trainer.
  3. Optometrist.
  4. Flight Attendant.
  5. Dog Walker.
  6. Toll Booth Attendant.
  7. Massage Therapist.
  8. Librarian.

What jobs pay 30 an hour without a degree?

Jobs in Human Resources and Management that pay $30 an hour without a degree

  • Personal Trainer: ($22-$37 an hour ) *
  • Crossfit / Yoga Specialized Trainers: ($22-$40 an hour )
  • Private Tutor: ($25-$35 an hour ) *
  • Test Prep Tutor Specialist: ($30-$60 an hour ) *

What jobs pay 50k a year without degree?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are nine jobs that pay $50,000 or more per year and don’t require a bachelor’s degree.

  • Insurance sales agent.
  • Paralegal.
  • Wind turbine technician.
  • Electrician.
  • Fire inspector.
  • Executive assistant.
  • Occupational therapy assistant.

What is good pay for a first job?

What is the average entry-level salary in the United States? According to Glassdoor, the average entry-level job salary in the United States is $28,000, but that doesn’t mean that’ll be your first post-college salary.

How do I get my first real job?

What steps should you take to get your first job?

  1. Prepare for the interview.
  2. Dress appropriately.
  3. Follow up after the interview.
  4. Set your expectations.
  5. Network with peers.
  6. Consider a job for the experience.
  7. Write a resume.
  8. Search for a job.

How can I get my first job with no experience?

How to Get an Entry-Level Job if You Don’t Have Any

  1. Tell Your Story in the Cover Letter.
  2. Explain the “Why” on Your Resume.
  3. Don’t Undersell Your Experience.
  4. Tailor Your Resume to the Job Description.
  5. Research the Company and the People.
  6. Prepare for the Interview.

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