Question: How To Get A Job As A Motivational Speaker?

How to Become a Motivational Public Speaker

Over the past 30 years, I’ve given speeches in 75 countries around the world, and I used to be nervous even when speaking to small groups. Now, I’m ready to hand over the reins and teach you how to become a motivational speaker. Public speakers can earn over $10,000 per event.

1. Define Your Area of Expertise

What are you good at? What are you passionate about? What unique perspective do you have to offer? These are the questions you need to answer to figure out what you’ll talk about in a face-to-face meeting with a motivational speaker. If it ends up being too narrow, you can always broaden the lens later.

2. Identify Your Target Audience

You’ll be able to pinpoint who would benefit from hearing your motivational speaking once you’ve defined your target audience. Defining your target audience will also help you figure out what examples to use to communicate your points most effectively, as well as where to find them, such as a marketing conference or another industry event.

3. Gain Public Speaking Skills

Invest some serious time and energy into improving your public speaking skills. Taking a public speaking class is an excellent way to improve your communication skills. Practice, practice, practice! This is the best way to get good at public speaking.

4. Learn the Art of Speech Writing

Once you’ve determined who your target audience is, it’s time to master the art of speech writing. There are several approaches you can take here, depending on your speech and the audience you’ll be speaking to; however, it’s always a good idea to summarize your points and include a call-to-action.

5. Create a Professional Presence Online

To become a motivational speaker, you’ll need a strong online presence. Make sure you have a nice website that clearly explains what you do, and you’ll want to be active on multiple social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Creating high-quality web content can persuade people to work with you.

How to Book Your First Public Speaking Gig

You may need to be willing to speak for free or at a reduced rate at first, but as you gain experience with subsequent engagements, your rate can (and should) rise. Here are some key tips for booking that all-important first speaking gig.

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Avoid Cold Calling

Consider taking a public speaking course if you’re looking for a speaking gig; you never know who has connections or who might need a speaker. Attend industry-specific events instead of cold calling potential employers to focus on networking; simply talking about your new career as a public speaker can be extremely beneficial.

Start with Local Events

Try looking for local events and pitching your speaking services to them. You won’t be able to jump into nationwide events right away, but start small and build your credibility over time as you learn how to speak.

Attend Networking Engagements

Follow up with anyone you spoke with at an event using sites like Eventbrite, which have helpful search functions where you can find even more events in your area.

Have Realistic Expectations

You may need to reach out to several places before receiving a yes, and your first speaking engagement may not be a paid one. Remember, small, unpaid engagements are fine for now because they will lead to more opportunities down the road. You’re laying the foundation for your speaking career.

How to Make a Career as a Public Speaker

Once you’ve had a few successful speaking engagements, doors will open up for you; the key is to keep looking for opportunities and asking what the next step might be; don’t get stuck; keep moving forward.

Learn How to Negotiate Your Speaking Fee

Don’t accept the first number you’re offered for a motivational speaking gig; instead, use the bracketing technique to ask for a slightly higher rate, increasing your chances of getting paid the amount you want.

Never Stop Promoting Your Speaking Services

If you want to be a motivational speaker, you’ll need to market yourself strategically, with networking and word-of-mouth referrals playing a role in the long run. Also, make sure you have a professionally designed website where you can direct your social media followers.

Master the Art of Selling From the Stage

Self-promotion should be relevant to the event, your audience, and what you’re talking about, and whatever you’re promoting should also provide real value to the audience. Here are a few ideas for how to promote yourself without coming across as a salesperson.

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How much money can you make as a motivational speaker?

The average annual pay for a Motivational Speaker in the United States is $67,293 per year as of April 12, 2021, which works out to about $32.35 per hour if you need a quick salary calculator.

What education do you need to be a motivational speaker?

When we looked into the most common majors for motivational speakers, we discovered that they most commonly earned bachelor’s or associate’s degrees, with master’s or high school diploma degrees also appearing on motivational speaker resumes.

Are motivational speakers in demand?

Motivational speakers work irregular hours based on speaking engagements, travel requirements, and the amount of time they need to write or refine their speeches; highly successful speakers are in high demand and will be invited to speak at conferences and events all over the world.

Is it hard to become a motivational speaker?

Many of them want to get started but aren’t sure how to do so. The speaking business can be difficult to break into at first, but once you’ve gotten a few paid gigs under your belt, you’ll likely start receiving more lucrative offers.

How do I market myself as a motivational speaker?

The following are five steps you should take to get started.

  1. Most speakers believe that everyone in the world wants to hear their speech.
  2. Next, figure out what your audience wants to hear.
  3. Talk it up, talk it up, and talk it up some more.
  4. Create a sense of urgency.
  5. Keep the buzz going.

How can I get paid to speak?

Where to Look for Paid Speaking Engagements in Any Industry


Can anyone be a motivational speaker?

All speakers must be motivational; they must have a good enough delivery style and strong enough content to inspire their audiences to do something, stop doing something, change something, and so on. The term “motivational speaker” has become a generic term to describe a professional speaker.

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How do I start public speaking?

Here are seven good ways to start a speech or presentation:

  1. Quote. Using a relevant quote to start your speech can help set the tone for the rest of it.
  2. U201cWhat Ifu201d Scenario.
  3. U201cImagineu201d Scenario.
  4. Question.
  5. Silence.
  6. Statistic.
  7. Powerful Statement/Phrase.

Do you need certification to be a motivational speaker?

The National Speakers Association offers the Certified Speaking Professional designation to speakers who meet standards for experience and earnings and can provide client recommendations. There are no state licensure requirements for motivational speakers, but there are some voluntary certifications that can be earned.

Who is the #1 motivational speaker in the world?

The top 50 motivational speakers in the world

#1 Bear Grylls #2 Tony Robbins #3 Mr. T
#10 Malcolm Gladwell #11 Gary Vaynerchuk #12 Robert Kiyosaki
#13 Eric Thomas #14 Paula White #15 Barbara Corcoran
#16 Jeffrey Tambor #17 Daymond John #18 Les Brown
#19 Fredrik Eklund #20 Brian Tracy #21 Robin Sharma

Does listening to motivational speeches help?

So, listening to a motivational speaker helps you relate and, more importantly, it inspires you to tap into your hidden inner potential. Many inspirational personalities also share their ideas and hacks on how to innovate something new.

How do I become a paid motivational speaker?

10 Ways to Make Money as a Speaker

  1. Solve a problem. As a speaker, you could go onstage and tell a thrilling story about how you jumped off a cliff and built a parachute on the way down.
  2. Tell a story.
  3. Have some one-liners ready.
  4. Offer some laugh lines.
  5. Make your presentation visually appealing.
  6. Create a website.
  7. Have a video.

Are motivational speakers worth it?

Yes, you can motivate people in the short term, and if you reach a large enough audience of your employees, you might even see a short-term increase in productivity, which motivational speakers will tell you is proof that they are worth the money.

How much do motivational speakers charge per hour?

Salary of a Motivational Speaker on an Hourly Basis

Percentile Hourly Pay Rate Location
25th Percentile Motivational Speaker Salary $29 US
50th Percentile Motivational Speaker Salary $36 US
75th Percentile Motivational Speaker Salary $44 US
90th Percentile Motivational Speaker Salary $51 US

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