Question: How To Get A Job As A Pharmacy Technician?

10 Things You Need to Know Before Working in a Pharmacy

If you wish to work in a pharmacy, there are a few things you should be aware of before getting started. Understand the educational prerequisites as well as the daily responsibilities and expectations. Learn about the prospective compensation and career prospects, as well as what it’s like to work in a pharmacy.

What you NEED to know before working in a pharmacy

1. Pharmacy hours may be irregular

It’s not uncommon for a pharmacist’s shifts to cover evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays. Because some hospital and retail pharmacies serve patients 24 hours a day, new technicians may be assigned late or overnight shifts. As you advance in your career, you’ll likely have greater control over your schedule.

2. A pharm tech career can lead to becoming a pharmacist

A pharmacy technician certification might be a wonderful place to start if you want to work in pharmacy full-time. The certification validates your knowledge of the profession and helps you prepare for the arduous academic requirements of becoming a full-fledged pharmacist. Learn why obtaining a pharmacy technician certificate is worthwhile.

3. Median pay for pharm techs is $29,320 per year*

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the typical annual wage for pharmacy technicians is little under $30,000. The top ten percent of earners took home around $42,500 per year. Ambulatory health care providers and hospitals often pay higher pharm tech wages.

4. Pharm tech careers are on the rise

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, pharm tech positions will rise at a pace of 20% through 2022, substantially faster than the average growth rate of 11%. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, pharmacy technician positions in the United States are predicted to expand by % during the next five years.

5. There are requirements you’ll typically have to meet

A high school graduation or GED is necessary, as well as a criminal background check and formal education or training. Certification is also required by some states and employers.

6. You can work in a variety of settings

Pharmacy technicians work in a number of settings, including drugstores, supermarkets, community pharmacies, hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care institutions, rehab centers, the military, postal service pharmacies, and other medical facilities.

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7. You’ll need excellent interpersonal skills

Customers must be willing and able to deal with pharmacy technicians and pharmacists in a professional manner. Customers may have queries about their prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, or supplements, which must be directed to pharmacy staff. To decide if the query requires a pharmacist’s response, the pharm tech will need extraordinary listening skills.

8. One small mistake can have serious ramifications

Pharmacist Pharmacists should pay attention to detail and be aware of the serious repercussions of filling a prescription wrongly. The pharmacist is responsible for ensuring that all drugs are filled appropriately, but he or she should also know how to do it.

9. Math & chemistry concepts come in handy

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians employ their arithmetic abilities to ensure that they have the exact dosage and measurements, as well as their chemical understanding to guarantee that compounds are blended properly for your patients. On a daily basis, pharmacists and technicians use their math skills to ensure that they are in the correct location at the right time.

10. You’ll spend most of the work day on your feet

There isn’t much downtime if you enjoy working at a drugstore. From checking inventory to writing prescriptions to talking with clients, you should anticipate to be standing for the most of the day.

Now you know…

A career as a pharmacy technician allows you to contribute to the burgeoning healthcare profession while also advancing your career. To learn more about making your next move, visit the Rasmussen College pharmacy technician certificate page. For those interested in working in a pharmacy, the Rasmussen College Pharmacy Technician Certificate is available.

What qualifications do you need to work in a pharmacy?

To work as a pharmacy assistant, there are no specific requirements. Employers typically look for candidates with strong literacy, numeracy, and IT abilities. They may request GCSEs or equivalent credentials. Employers frequently inquire about appropriate work experience.

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Is pharmacy tech a good career?

Why Is It a Good Idea to Become a Pharmacy Technician? A career as a pharmacy technician is also a steady one, with plenty of job prospects and rising demand. The job future for pharmacy technicians is bright, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with an above-average growth rate.

Are pharmacy technicians in high demand?

Job Prospects From 2019 to 2029, employment of pharmacy technicians is expected to expand at a rate of 4%, which is about average for all occupations. More demand for pharmaceutical services will result from increased demand for prescription drugs.

Does Walgreens train you to be a pharmacy tech?

The pharmacy technician training program at Walgreens is great. If you are accepted into their training program, they will pay you while you are training and will cover the cost of the certification exam.

Is it hard to become a pharmacy technician?

While being a pharmacy technician is relatively simple—all you need is a high school certificate and on-the-job experience—the journey to become a qualified pharmacy technician is well worth it.

What is the difference between pharmacy technician and pharmacy assistant?

A pharmacy technician is similar to a pharmacy assistant in that they both work in a drugstore. They can do all of the duties of an assistant, but with a few additional obligations and powers. Pharmacy techs, unlike assistants, have “signing power” on new and refill prescriptions.

Is pharmacy tech a stressful job?

Work as a pharmacy technician can be emotionally draining. Because wrongly filled prescriptions, inaccurate dosages, or mislabeled bottles might pose health dangers, accuracy is critical to the work. Customers become irritated when standing in lines or waiting for medicines, and you may have to deal with their rage and rudeness.

Do pharmacy techs get paid well?

According to the BLS, the national average annual wage for a pharmacy technician is $34,020, which is over $15,000 less than the national average annual wage for all occupations, which is $51,960. The typical wage of a pharmacy technician varies greatly depending on the state.

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Why do pharmacy techs make so little?

Because the demand is low, the supply is high – higher than the demand. The new certification criteria will raise compensation a little, but as long as only a high school diploma and some training are necessary, there will be a surplus of applicants and low pay.

How do pharmacy technicians get paid more?

Obtaining certification is the quickest way for a pharmacy technician to increase their earnings immediately. Most retail pharmacies reward certified pharmacy technicians with a raise in compensation. The ExCPT exam is a standardized test that can be used to achieve pharmacy technician certification.

Is there a shortage of pharmacy technicians?

According to Tom Maez, divisional vice president of Rx Relief in Fresno, Calif., the sector now has a lack of these technicians, which is driving up wages for that field. According to him, pay rates for pharmacy technicians have climbed by 25% to 30% in recent years due to growing demand.

Who makes more money pharmacy tech or medical assistant?

The majority of MAs worked in doctors’ offices, earning an average of $30,740 per year. Medical assistants earned less in colleges, universities, and professional schools, with an average wage of $33,830 compared to $36,960 for pharmacy technicians.

Does Walgreens pay for training?

Every employee, in every position, is required to complete computer training in order to better understand their job, policies, and procedures. They are compensated for this, and it must be completed while on the clock at work. All registration training is also compensated. Walgreens will cover the cost of the classes and the ptcb license.

Does Walmart train you to be a pharmacy tech?

No. They do provide you with training. One of the cashiers was just promoted to the Pharmacy department. The associate is trained to work in the pharmacy at Walmart.

How long is pharmacy tech training at CVS?

Training Program for Pharmacy Technicians at CVS Health The 120-day curriculum teaches new technicians customer service skills, pharmacy business, patient safety, pharmacy workflow, and inventory management.

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