Quick Answer: How To Get A Job At The Humane Society?

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The Humane Society of the United States (HSI) is hiring new staff to help animals live better lives.


Please send a CV and cover note outlining your availability and any special skills to [email protected] We do not typically offer opportunities to work hands-on with animals, but we do have administrative needs in our London office.

What qualifications do I need to work in an animal shelter?

To begin my training as an animal care worker, what qualifications do I need?

  • Level 1 Diploma in Work-based Animal Care
  • Level 2 Diploma / Animal Care and Welfare Assistant (Level 2 Apprenticeship)
  • Level 3 Diploma / Advanced Apprenticeship in Work-based Animal Care

How do I get a job at an animal rescue?

Animal rescue jobs do not require a professional degree, but certificate courses in medical care and first-aid for injured animals are beneficial, and on-the-job training is sufficient.

Can you make money working at an animal shelter?

Animal shelter employees in the United States earn an average of $32,421 per year, or $16 per hour.

How can I work with animals without a degree?

Examples of animal-related jobs that are unlikely to necessitate a college diploma

  1. Animal care giver.
  2. Pet groomer or bather.
  3. Groundskeeper.
  4. Maintenance worker.
  5. Dog walker.
  6. Adoption specialist.
  7. Customer service liaison.
  8. Animal care giver.

How can I make money working with animals?

Here are 12 animal-related jobs that could pay the bills:

  • Veterinary assistant.
  • Laboratory animal caretaker.
  • Trainer.
  • Veterinary technicians.
  • Animal control worker.
  • Conservation and forest technicians.

How do I get a job working with animals?

gaining animal-related work experience

  1. Volunteer at an animal shelter or rescue.
  2. Work at a veterinary clinic.
  3. Provide pet sitting services.
  4. Volunteer at a Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre or Zoo.
  5. Apply to work at a stable or farm.
  6. Take part in an internship.
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What are the best jobs for animal lovers?

If you’re looking for a job as an animal lover, here’s a list of 15 of the highest-paying jobs in this field:

  • Marine biologist.
  • Animal nutritionist.
  • Wildlife biologist.
  • Conservation land manager.
  • Veterinarian.

What to study if you want to work with animals?

Kennel workers/animal attendants are responsible for the day-to-day care of animals in facilities. They must have a bachelor’s degree in zoology, wildlife biology, ecology, or a related field. Those who want to conduct research must have a doctorate.

What jobs require little schooling?

The following is a list of the highest-paying jobs that require little or no education.

  • Elevator and Escalator Installers and Repairers.
  • Paralegal.
  • Claims Adjusters, Examiners, and Investigators.
  • Web Developer.
  • Network and computer systems administrators.
  • Funeral Services Manager.

Can I work in a zoo without a degree?

Most students who want to work in a zoo major in biology, zoology, animal behavior, animal science, conservation science, or another related field; keeper positions may only require an associate’s degree, though many keepers have a four-year bachelor’s degree.

What is the highest paying job at a zoo?

A veterinarian is one of the highest-paying animal careers, and there are a variety of veterinary jobs to choose from.

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