Readers ask: How To Get A Job At A Haunted House?

How to get my job: Haunted house actor

Mythica von Griffyn is a character in Westword who plays a haunted home. She claims that as a young teen, she was scared of haunted houses. Von Griffyn: You must be able to deal with the idea that you will be terrified all of the time.
Working in state parks and state parks during the Carnival of Fear is a seasonal job. You were given license to scare people the first time you did it. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet new individuals who share your interests. When you’ve been doing it for ten years or more, you start to consider it a real job. Denver’s food, news, and culture are all covered by Westword, a free, independent publication.

The element of the work that I enjoy the most is getting to be six different types of creative. The worst part is having to clean up after the event every year. has been around for a long time.

How much do you make working at a haunted house?

According to Mancini, most scare acting jobs pay approximately minimum wage, or about $20 per night. This, however, differs from haunted house to haunted house. For example, a handful of recent Indeed job listings advertised a cost of $50-$75 per night. To put it another way, it’s not exactly a money-making endeavor.

Can haunted house actors touch you?

It’s their job as actors to make you feel scared, not to actually hurt or harm you. The house is haunted. Fortunately, not every haunted house supports such a “hands-on” approach. The rule usually applies in both directions, with visitors not being allowed to touch the actors.

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How much do scare actors make?

Salaries of Scare Actors

Job Title Salary
SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Scare Actor salaries – 1 salaries reported $10/hr
Universal Studios Scare Actor salaries – 1 salaries reported $14/hr
Universal Studios Scare Actor salaries – 1 salaries reported $15/hr
Universal Studios Scare Actor salaries – 1 salaries reported $15/hr

How much money do you need to start a haunted house?

When it comes to creating a haunted house, the sky is the limit. I guarantee that building your haunted house will cost you every penny you have plus some. You must make a budget and stick to it in order to be successful. Your attraction will cost between $20 and $35 per square foot to construct.

What do they do to you at McKamey Manor?

Guests may be physically assaulted, hit with vibrating objects, waterboarded, forced to eat and drink unknown substances, bound and gagged, and subjected to other sorts of physical and psychological torture while on the tour.

What is the fear of haunted houses called?

The dread of haunted houses has no recognized phobia name. However, some people have come up with names that are similar to the genuine names of other phobias. You might hear the unofficial name “hauntophobia” for example. While many people have this anxiety as children, most people outgrow it as they get older.

What does a scare actor do?

While there are always a variety of roles available, ideal Scare Actors are outgoing people who arrive on time and ready to work, who think on their feet (and in character), and can manage the physically demanding conditions within the attractions.

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How much do Halloween Horror Nights actors get paid?

I’m exhausted after 40 minutes. I’m not sure how the 1,000 Halloween Horror Nights scare performers, who are paid an average of $18 per hour, manage to do this for several hours every night.

How much do Haunted house owners make?

A large scary attraction, according to Kopelman, can earn $2 million to $3 million per season. Even little ones can earn $50,000 or more.

What makes a good haunted house story?

To build up and pay off the scary stuff, good eerie stories rely on a mix of original tropes, proper pacing, twist endings, and, in some cases, cleverly placed line breaks.

What are some of the safety features haunted houses are required to have?

The NFPA fire protection guidelines apply to haunted houses.

  • A fire alarm system is installed.
  • A fire-suppression system.
  • A voice communication system for emergencies.
  • Exit illumination, a lighted path to the exit, and exit signage in close proximity to the exit.
  • The interior finishes are of the highest quality.

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