FAQ: How Hard Is It To Get A Job In Antarctica?

How to Get a Job in Antarctica (Even If You’re Not a Scientist)

Michael Goldstein lived on a small island in the Pacific Ocean for three years. Since then, he claims, he’s been attracted by remote and difficult-to-reach locations. He discusses how to get work in Antarctica, the type of lifestyle to expect, and much more!

Where to Find Jobs in Antarctica

Michael is an American who grew up in Australia and offers some of the information you’ll need if you’re looking for work in Antarctica. He explains what Australians should look out for when looking for work at the South Pole.

Antarctica Jobs for International Readers

If you’re not an American, the Cool Antarctica website is the finest place to start your job hunt in Antarctica. It will be difficult to progress if you are from a country that is not on this list. In Antarctica, more than 30 organizations from more than 30 nations are functioning.

Antarctica Jobs for Australians

People are needed to work at the Australian Antarctic Program’s base in Antarctica. Operations, trades, and science are the three categories of jobs available. If you see a position that interests you, register your interest and you’ll be notified when applications open.

Jobs in Antarctica for Americans

Here’s everything you need to know if you want to work in Antarctica. If you’re seeking for work, the US Antarctic Program (USAP) should be your first stop. The principal contracting business with Antarctica is Leidos, which offers more information on job openings.

Application and Interview Process for Jobs in Antarctica

Michael, who hails from Sydney, Australia, has spent the last three years working for the Australian Antarctic Program. He claims it’s a long process with many obstacles, but believe me when I say it’s well worth it. “You’ll be stuck there for nearly seven months. Patience is essential in this situation.”

What is it like to live and work in Antarctica?

Casey, Davis, Macquarie Island, and Mawson are Australia’s four Antarctic stations. McMurdo on Ross Island, Palmer on Anvers Island, and Amundsen-Scott near the South Pole are the largest and most popular stations. Michael plans to work on Mawson this summer to complete the set.

What’s day to day life in Antarctica like?

According to Michael, each kilogram of weight can resist one knot of wind. Wind speeds at Casey Station regularly exceed 100 mph, in which case all staff must remain inside because “the wind literally knocks your feet out from under you.”

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What is housing in Antarctica like?

The K Vex Channel features videos that take viewers on a tour of McMurdo Station’s quarters, as well as the gym, store, and other amenities. There are several YouTube channels for Americans to watch to get a better understanding of what to expect in their housing. Michael Goldstein, an Australian, says he typically brings photography equipment, hard drives, and family photos.

Is there internet in Antarctica?

The internet connections in Antarctica are increasing, according to Michael, although they are still not very fast. The good news is that you’ll never moan about slow internet at home again, he claims. “I’ve heard some horror stories about the continent’s awful internet on Antarctica blogs, but I’m delighted things are improving.”

What’s the food like in Antarctica?

The food is “amazing,” according to Michael, and there are no restaurants, only dining halls where three meals are provided each day. There is also a public bar, however alcohol is limited because the majority of the base’s employees work in aviation. Michael “I believe it’s fantastic that we can have such good meals at such a low price.”

How much does it pay to work in Antarctica? (And how much money can you save?)

Michael Goldstein is the co-host of Antarctica: A Year on Ice, a new documentary series. Over the course of ten years, the show follows his life in Antarctica and provides insight into the human side of living on the continent. You can watch it for free on Amazon, or you can rent it online if your library has it.

Michael’s Experience

Michael is the radio station’s coordinator in Antarctica. He claims that he has been able to see and do far more than he had anticipated. His life has been impacted by the close quarters and the common requirement for people to step in and perform responsibilities outside of their primary position.

The Best and Worst Parts About Life on the Ice

Michael Goldstein is an Antarctica-based scientist. Meeting people and collaborating with them, he adds, is the nicest part of his job. “There is no problem too big or too minor that we can’t address with the components and tools we have.”

Memorable Moments

Michael Michaels discusses his adventures in Antarctica in his latest book. He considers himself fortunate to be among the 4,000 individuals who live and work there each year. He also recalls the terrible quiet in Antarctica, which is difficult to conceive in the real world.

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Is it dangerous to work in Antarctica?

Michael Goldstein is an Antarctica photographer who works at McMurdo Station. He warns that the continent’s distant and untamed nature should not be overlooked. “There’s no doubt that Antarctica is perilous,” he tells MailOnline. Before his first voyage to the continent, he received survival and field training to teach him how to travel in the freezing weather.

Start Your Antarctica Job Search Here

If you don’t want to take a cruise, the easiest way to get your feet on the ice is to apply for a job in Antarctica. One of the guides claims, “I guarantee Antarctica will alter your life like it has mine.” For additional information on living on the ice, watch Antarctica: A Year on Ice.

What’s it like to work in Antarctica?

In Antarctica, working hours can be lengthy and arduous. This is mostly to prevent everyone from going insane from boredom, but it still implies that your time on base will not be truly “your” time. Many contracts call for ten-hour days with unpaid overtime six days a week, and some call for even more.

What skills do you need to work in Antarctica?

Antarctic expeditioners are supposed to have certain personality traits.

  • An excellent work ethic.
  • Ability to contribute positively to the community and team.
  • Respect for authority and a willingness to follow the law, as well as AAD regulations and procedures.
  • A dedication to the AAP’s requirements.

What is forbidden in Antarctica?

Taking anything is, however, prohibited in Antarctica. Rocks, feathers, bones, eggs, and any other biological material, including soil traces, fall into this category. Taking anything manufactured by humans is likewise prohibited, as some of it could be research equipment.

How long do you work in Antarctica?

However, there are certain roles available for 3-6 months as well as longer contracts. Scientists and support personnel work together to enable Antarctic science, including a significant project digging deep into the ice to put neutrino detectors, here at the South Pole.

How much do Antarctica jobs pay?

McMurdo Station’s average pay is $77k.

Is it illegal to live in Antarctica?

Tourists and those who live and work on scientific research stations or bases are the two primary groups of people that travel to or live in Antarctica. In the same manner that no one lives indefinitely in the rest of the globe, no one lives in Antarctica. There are no commercial industries, towns or cities, and no permanent people on the island.

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Is there WIFI in Antarctica?

Yes, although internet access is restricted at each USAP location. In Antarctica, the satellite infrastructure for providing off-continent communications is minimal.

Is there a Mcdonalds in Antarctica?

McDonald’s has nearly 36,000 locations worldwide, with the exception of Antarctica, on every continent.

Can you buy a house in Antarctica?

You won’t be able to. It is seen as an international continent that is owned by no one and governed by the entire world. Countries have staked claims to territory, but this isn’t likely to change. So, if you wanted to buy some land and there were no owners, who would sell it to you?

Why can you not fly over Antarctica?

To begin with, there is no compelling reason to fly over the South Pole. The southern hemisphere’s distant reaches have significantly less airline traffic than the northern hemisphere’s. For example, the southern hemisphere lacks the equivalent of North America’s and Asia’s generally bustling sub-polar routes.

Does anything grow in Antarctica?

Antarctic hair grass and Antarctic pearlwort are the only vascular plants present on the entire continent. Their capacity to photosynthesize through their vascular system distinguishes them from other plants such as mosses, lichens, and fungi.

Has anyone been murdered in Antarctica?

Rodney David Marks (March 13, 1968 – May 12, 2000) was an Australian astronomer who died in Antarctica from methanol overdose.

Do cell phones work in Antarctica?

The short answer is that your phone will not operate while you are touring Antarctica. While we’ve gone a long way since the first expeditions, when explorers had to rely on other ships to carry mail, Antarctica remains a lonely and wild region with a telecommunications system to match.

Is working in Antarctica tax free?

Antarctica does not fit the criterion because, according to the 1961 Antarctic Treaty, it lacks a government.

Are there police in Antarctica?

Through an agreement with the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the United States Attorney for Hawaii, the Marshals Service became the official law enforcement entity for the South Pole.

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