FAQ: How To Get A Job At Interpol?


The General Secretariat of the United Nations employs approximately 995 people from 109 different countries, with one-quarter of them being police officers seconded by their national governments and the other three-quarters being international civil servants hired directly by the UN. Staff work in four languages (Arabic, English, French, and Spanish).

How do I get a job at Interpol?

Method 1 of 2: Applying for Interpol Work

  1. Create an account on Interpol’s website to narrow down your options.
  2. Fill out an application and submit your CV and cover letter.
  3. Wait for a call or email from an Interpol agent.
  4. Go to the interview and complete the required exam.

How much do Interpol agents make?

As of 2018, the lowest rank – Grade 1, Step 10 – pays a monthly salary of 2,055 euros at Interpol HQ in Lyon, France. Step 1 pays 7,292 euros, and Grade 13, Step 1, the top position, pays 13,054 euros.

What kind of crimes does Interpol investigate?

INTERPOL has six priority crime areas: drugs and organized crime, financial and high-tech crime, fugitives, public safety and terrorism, human trafficking (including crimes against children), and corruption, among others.

Are Interpol agents armed?

Interpol is one of the world’s oldest, largest, and most well-known law enforcement agencies, but most of what people believe it does is a lie: its agents aren’t allowed to make arrests, don’t carry guns, and rarely leave the office.

Is Interpol like the FBI?

Both the CIA and FBI have access to global state-of-the-art technologies and are staffed with intelligent and motivated personnel. Interpol’s headquarters are in Lyon, France, and its role as an international police agency is to assist member countries’ local law enforcement agencies in solving crimes.

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How do you become a UN cop?

Two ways to become a UN Police Officer United Nations police officers are seconded or loaned to the UN by their governments for a limited period of time (six months to four years). If you are interested, you should contact your local police department for information on how to apply.

How much earn a FBI agent?

The average Special Agent salary at the Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI ) is $139,455. Special Agent salaries at the FBI can range from $64,249 to $192,716.

Is America part of Interpol?

Yes, as authorized by Title 22, United States Code 263a, the United States is a member of INTERPOL.

Is Canada part of Interpol?

INTERPOL in Canada is housed in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s International Policing Branch, and is staffed by police officers from a variety of national law enforcement agencies, as well as civilians and public servants.

What are the 4 core functions of Interpol?

2017-2020 Strategic Framework

  • 1: Act as a global information hub for law enforcement cooperation. 2: Provide cutting-edge policing capabilities to assist member countries in combating and preventing transnational crime. 3: Lead globally innovative policing approaches. 4: Maximize INTERPOL’s role within the Global Security Architecture.

What are the duties of Interpol?

INTERPOL’s main functions are as follows:

  • Securing Global Police Communication Services.
  • Operational data services and databases for police.
  • Issuing of notices against global criminals.
  • Reducing organized and new types of crime.

Is Interpol a police force?

Interpol, short for International Criminal Police Organization, is an intergovernmental organization headquartered in Lyon, France, that facilitates cooperation between the criminal police forces of over 180 countries. It is the only police organization that spans the globe.

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