How To Get A Job Voice Acting?

How to Find Voice Over Work Online in 2021

The demand for talented voice performers who can finish voice over projects remotely has increased dramatically. You can audition, record your voice, and do voice over work from anywhere with simply a home studio setup and a talent profile on a creative services marketplace like Voices.

Freelance Voice Over Work

Voice actors who work as freelancers can spend up to a third of their time seeking for work. They could be sending out emails, submitting voice over auditions, attending networking events, generating demo reels, and maintaining a website and/or talent profile on sites like, among other things.

8 Steps to Getting a Voice Over Job

To find out if voice acting is the perfect career for you, enroll in a voice acting class. To expand your voice over network, look for local Meetups, conferences, and online groups. Practice reading aloud frequently so you can get a good sense of the copy, hear your voice, and experiment with interpretation. Even if you don’t get a response from everyone who receives your promotional materials, you shouldn’t stop marketing your services. Make every effort to keep your name in front of people’s minds. Someone will contact you if they require your assistance!

Be Selective When Auditioning for Voice Over Jobs Online

It pays to know where to go and what to look for when looking for a voice over work online. The ability to recognize your own voice and brand is crucial in assessing whether this is the perfect profession for you. Find out if you have a decent probability of finding work in the next few months.

Types of Online Voice Over Jobs

The global voice-over industry is far larger than you might imagine. Voice actors that work from home have more options for voice over work. Over the last year, the most fast growth has been in internet videos, eLearning, and animation voice over work. In fact, in 2020, internet video occupations grew by nearly 200 percent year over year.

What to Look for in a Voice Over Job Posting

You must be truthful about the languages, accents, and dialects that you can speak fluently. Consider when the deadline for your voice over audition has been established by the client. Tell the client how long it will take you to deliver the audio file in a format that fits them.

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Submitting Auditions for Voice Over Jobs Online

By auditioning online, you can learn more about how to land voice over jobs without having to leave the comfort of your own home. It’s preferable not to read the entire script at your audition if one is provided. Making a quick buck is significantly less crucial than maintaining your integrity.

Writing a Strong Proposal

Learn how to dazzle clients and express why you’re the appropriate voice for the job by writing a clear and appealing proposal (and using proposal templates). If you don’t like your voice, don’t be hesitant to bring it up in an interview.

Bonus Tip: Ask for the next gig and a referral.

After you’ve sent the final files, inquire about how you can continue to assist your client. If another job isn’t available right away, at the very least request a referral to one of your client’s colleagues within the company.

Launch Your Career in the Voice Acting Industry

Stephanie Ciccarelli is the Co-Founder of, a talent agency for voice overs. Stephanie has been using her voice to communicate what is most important to her through the spoken and written word for over 25 years. She has appeared three times on the PROFIT Magazine W100 list (2013, 2015, and 2016), which is a ranking of Canada’s top female entrepreneurs.

How do you get into voice acting?

Here are some things you may do to improve your chances of becoming a successful voice actor:

  1. Enroll in acting classes. Voice acting is more than just reading words from a page; it also necessitates acting ability.
  2. Engage the services of a voice and acting coach.
  3. Pay attention to the experts.
  4. Make a demo.
  5. Audition.
  6. Practice.
  7. Network.

How hard is it to get a voice acting job?

Getting voiceover work, especially the more demanding, higher-paying assignments, is not always straightforward. Many large clients only hire a few experienced voice actors; the good news is that if you build solid client relationships, you can earn regular work as well. In almost every industry, there is fierce competition.

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What qualifications do I need to be a voice actor?

To become a Voice Actor, you do not need a degree, though some industry-specific training and coaching may help you get started.

How much money do voice actors make?

An average voice actor can earn around $90,000 per year, which is a significant sum when compared to the $14,000 that entry-level talent can anticipate to earn. Voice actors who have been in the industry for a long time earn six-figure salaries.

How much do voice actors make per hour?

Salary and Job Prospects for Voice Over Artists For just an hour of work, they can earn anywhere from $20 to several hundred dollars. However, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, radio and television announcers earned an average of $33,220 per year in 2018, whereas actors earned about $17.50 per hour.

How do I become a voice actor with no experience?

To summarize, if you want to go into voice acting online, you should:

  1. Get some voice-over coaching or training.
  2. Constantly practice reading aloud (see our sample voice over script library)
  3. To improve your résumé, look for pro bono opportunities.
  4. Record many voice over demonstrations, each highlighting a different part of your talent.

Why is voice acting so hard?

Most people, on the other hand, have a difficult time getting into voice over or even getting started. The main reason is that people continuously searching the internet for videos on YouTube and voice-over blogs, but most of what they find is disconnected and difficult to understand. The internet is fantastic; we all enjoy it and use it more frequently.

Do voice actors get royalties?

When clients renew their contract to have their voice over product aired, royalties are frequently paid to voice actors. They are paid to actors every 13 weeks and only appear in ads produced by SAG or AFTRA (Union). Residuals are a dream come true for voice actors.

How long does it take to be a voice actor?

Many successful voice actors have achieved success without needing to complete a four-year training program at a respected acting school. Instead, private acting workshops or coaching improved their skills and helped them land high-paying roles.

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Do you need a college degree to be a voice actor?

To start a career as a voice-over performer, no formal education is required. These performers are known for lending their voices to animated characters in television episodes and films. Those wishing to enter this area may benefit from a bachelor’s degree or acting training.

How can I make money with my voice?

How to Use Your Voice to Make Money at Home

  1. Video Voice Overs are a type of narration that is used to accompany a video. Voice over for videos is one of the most popular at-home professions that uses your voice.
  2. Commercial voice-overs are a type of voice-over that is used in commercials. Another option to generate money at home with your voice is to voice ads.
  3. Sell radio commercials. You can even sell radio commercials from home using your voice.
  4. Make an audio book.

Who is the highest paid voice actor?

Here is a list of the world’s wealthiest voice actors in 2020.

  • Matt Stone has a net worth of $500 million.
  • Seth MacFarlane has a net worth of $200 million.
  • Jim Henson has a net worth of $90 million.
  • Mike Judge has a net worth of $75 million.
  • Hank Azaria has a net worth of $70 million.
  • Harry Shearer has a net worth of $65 million.
  • Nancy Cartwright has a net worth of $60 million.
  • Dan Castellaneta has a net worth of $60 million.

Who is the highest paid anime voice actor?

Megumi Hayashibara is a Japanese actress. On November 30, 1967, the highest-paid anime voice actor was born. Her artistry and technique have captured the hearts of many in Japan, and she is now one of the most iconic voice actresses. The woman of a thousand voices is usually called upon to perform the anime’s theme song.

Can you make a living off voice acting?

For example, you may expect to earn anything from $100 for a local radio advertising to $10,000 for a big TV commercial if you provide voice over for commercials.

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