How To Work 4 Hours A Week?

Does the 4 hour work week work?

If you read the book and thought the concept of a 4-hour work week was your salvation, you fell for Ferriss’ hype.

Even he didn’t get to live his life of luxury by creating an income out of thin air and working only one-half of one day per week.

Ferriss’ definition of work is very specific.

How many pages is a 4 hour work week?

The 4-Hour Workweek

Author Tim Ferriss
Pages 308 pp
ISBN 978-0-307-35313-9
OCLC 76262350
Dewey Decimal 650.1 22

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What is the premise of the 4 hour work week?

1-Sentence-Summary: The 4-Hour Workweek is the step-by-step blueprint to free yourself from the shackles of a corporate job, create a business to fund the lifestyle of your dreams, and live life like a millionaire, without actually having to be one.

When was the 4 hour work week published?