How To Work A Canon Pixma Printer?

How do I work my Canon printer?

Canon PIXMA MG3022 – Easy Wireless Connect Method on a

How do I connect my Canon Pixma printer to WIFI?

Start wireless setup

  • Option 1: Send the router information directly to the printer from a mobile device.
  • Option 2: Use the Canon PRINT Inkjet / SELPHY app for Android and iOS® devices.
  • Option 3: Use the WPS Push Button method.
  • Option 4: Enter a WPS PIN code to connect a device.

How do I connect my Canon printer to my computer?

How to set up your Canon printer with your computer using a USB

Why won’t my Canon printer connect to my wifi?

Check your printer for the Wi-Fi network; it should be turned ON. Check your computer/laptop wi-fi settings; wi-fi connections shouldn’t be restricted. Ensure the same printer is added into your computer and “Set as Default.” Ensure sure your PC isn’t in airplane mode; if yes turn it OFF.

How do I get my printer to connect wirelessly?


  1. Make sure your Android device is connected to the same wireless network that you want to connect your printer to.
  2. Go to from a browser on your phone or tablet and install the HP Smart app.
  3. Turn on the printer.
  4. Prepare the printer for a wireless network connection.

How can I connect my Canon printer without WIFI?

Connection without Using a Wireless Router

Connect the printer and a device without using a wireless router. Connect a device and the printer directly using the printer’s access point mode function. When establishing a connection in access point mode, Internet connection may become unavailable.