How To Work As A Secret Shopper?

How much does a secret shopper make?

How Much Do Mystery Shoppers Get Paid? Most mystery shoppers are paid by the job and not by the hour. Shoppers may earn $8-$10 for a simple assignment, up to $20, $50, $100 or more. In some cases, they are not paid but will be reimbursed for certain expenses.

Is it worth being a secret shopper?

A reputable mystery shopping company will never ask you for any kind of fee. I’ll say this again: You should not have to ever pay for the “privilege” to shop. After some time, I gave up on mystery shopping. The $8-10 an hour wasn’t worth the work (especially as my family grew).

What is the best mystery shopper company?

Best Mystery Shopping Companies

  • BestMark. BestMark is the largest mystery shopping company and it has an amazing reputation.
  • Second to None. Second to None opened in 1989 and has earned a good reputation over the years.
  • Market Force.
  • GAPbuster.
  • A Customer’s Point of View (ACPVIEW)
  • Secret Shopper.
  • About Face.
  • A Closer Look.

How do you know if secret shopper is legit?

If you’re looking for legitimate mystery shopping jobs, check out the Mystery Shopping Providers Association for a database of authentic companies. But if you spot any scams, report them to the FTC at and your state attorney general’s office.