How To Work At Bethesda?

How much do Bethesda employees make?

Bethesda Softworks pays its employees an average of $66,042 a year.

Salaries at Bethesda Softworks range from an average of $41,321 to $105,673 a year.

Is Bethesda a good company to work for?

Bethesda Softworks Employee Reviews. Very nice cultured environment – passionate developers and great to be part of such extra ordinary people in work environment. Great plae to learn and grow as an individual and a team member. The job itself and the work to be done were both things I looked forward to in the week.

What’s Bethesda working on?

On the backend side of things, Bethesda revealed that it’s working on Orion, a cloud-based technology that it said will reduce latency in online game streaming by 40%.

How many employees does Bethesda Softworks have?

How much does a Rockstar employee make?

The average Rockstar Games Salary for Employees is $104,871 per year.

How much is Bethesda worth?

As of February 2020, The net worth of Bethesda Softworks is $3 billion. Most of the company’s net worth comes from its income from the video games developed and published by the company. Some of the famous games published by Bethesda are Doom, Rage, Dishonored series, The Evil Within series and Rogue Warrior.

Will Bethesda go out of business?

Bethesda is not in any danger of going bankrupt any time soon. Rumors are not balance sheets. As a publisher, Bethesda has a lot of successful titles bringing in money. As a developer, they can still point to Skyrim and say “Look how much money we can make”.

Where is Bethesda Game Studios located?

Rockville, Maryland