How To Work At The Airport?

What qualifications do I need to work in an airport?

Custodians or maintenance workers are responsible for the upkeep of the airport and are generally great entry level positions. Some security positions with the TSA only require you to pass a background check, have a high school diploma and be a US citizen of at least 18 years of age.

How is it to work for airlines?

Below are some of the common airline jobs and the level of education required.

  • Flight attendant. Being a flight attendant typically only requires a high school diploma.
  • Air traffic controller. This job requires either a bachelor’s degree or at least 3 years of responsible work experience.
  • Technicians.
  • Pilots.

How much do you make working at the airport?

Airport & Airline Salary Information

Job Type Average Starting Salary Entry Level
Air Traffic Controller $109,000 per year No
Airport Security Minimum Wage to $20 per hour Yes
Airline Administrative Assistant $7-$20 per hour Yes
Airline Baggage and Cargo Handler $9-$11 per hour Yes

23 more rows

What is the best job in airport?

Best Airport Jobs

  1. Ticketing / Gate Agent.
  2. Customer Service Representative.
  3. Flight Attendant.
  4. Aircraft and Avionics Equipment Mechanic and Technician.
  5. Air Traffic Controller.
  6. Airfield Operations Specialist.
  7. Transportation Security Officer.
  8. Airline Cargo Handling Supervisor.