How To Work At Victoria’s Secret?

What it’s like to work at Victoria’s Secret?

At Victoria’s Secret, employees must help women who have no idea what bra size they should wear and help men who have no idea what to get their significant others.

They must also keep things organized during hectic sales, and occasionally they have to deal with creepy customers.

So what’s it really like to work there?

How do you get a job at Victoria’s Secret?

How to Get the Job at Victoria’s Secret –

How much do Victoria’s Secret employees make?

Victoria’s Secret Salaries in the United States

Retail Average Salary
Cashier 8 salaries reported $11.31 per hour
Merchandise Manager 10 salaries reported $14.50 per hour
Retail Sales Associate 15 salaries reported $11.96 per hour
Store Manager 5 salaries reported $24.57 per hour

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Is working at Victoria Secret hard?

According to employees who spoke with Insider and have written about their experiences online, working at Victoria’s Secret can be stressful, but also fun. And no, they don’t know what the secret is any more than you do.

What is the dress code for Victoria’s Secret employees?

They don’t provide the uniform and you are not required to wear their merchandise. The dress code is all black and business casual. Your shoes can be any color and open toed if they have a back. Sometimes you get days where you can wear different colored tops.

How much do Victoria’s Secret employees get discount?

Victoria’s Secret Employee Discount

Employees at Victoria’s Secret are initially given a 20% discount. After 2 months of service, part-time employees receive 30% off and full-time employees receive 40% off.

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How do I pass a Victoria’s Secret interview?

Victoria’s Secret Interview Questions –

Why do I want to work at Victoria’s Secret?

It will help me develop the customer service skills needed to perform better and meet sales goals. I would love to work for Victoria’s Secret because the stores are always very organized and beautiful so its a great working space and I love helping people so I know I would be really great with helping customers.

What questions does Victoria Secret ask in an interview?

During the interview, the Victoria’s Secret hiring manager asks questions probing for work skills and dependability.

Interview Questions

  • “How would you define great customer service?”
  • Do you consider yourself a motivated person?
  • “Can you describe a positive experience you’ve had at one of our stores?”