How To Work Class Dojo?

How do you use class dojo?

Getting Started with “Class Dojo” Tutorial –

What is class dojo and how does it work?

Class Dojo is an online behavior management system intended to foster positive student behaviors and classroom culture. Students earn ‘Dojo Points’ based on their classroom conduct. Teachers use Class Dojo to keep parents up to date on student progress and classroom happenings. Class Dojo is completely free for users.

How do I set up class dojo?


  • Open the app and select “I’m a teacher”
  • Click on “Create teacher account”
  • Enter your email address and create a login password, then tap “Create Account”
  • Enter your title, first name, and last name, then tap “Next”

Can I use class dojo at home?

ClassDojo Beyond School is a new way for families to bring the magic of ClassDojo home using a platform (and monsters!) they know and love. It’s located right inside the ClassDojo parent app and is completely optional for families.

Can parents message each other on class dojo?

ClassDojo Messaging is a wonderful, instant, and safe way for a teacher and a parent to privately communicate with each other. Parents and teachers can read and respond to messages from the website, or from the mobile app. They must then log into their account to view the message and respond to it.

How do I remove points from my dojo?

How to Undo a Point

  1. Open your class.
  2. Select a student, or use the whole class tile and give a point.
  3. Directly after awarding the point you’ll see an “Undo Last” button appear in the upper left corner, click this to remove the last skill awarded.

Are the messages on Class Dojo private?

Thus, ClassDojo messages cannot be deleted by either the teacher or the parent. These messages are private between the teacher and parent, unless a teacher or parent chooses to print and share these messages outside the service. The ClassDojo team does not read, review or analyze messages sent on the service.

What are the benefits of class dojo?

It improves student behavior by awarding students for positive behaviors. By awarding and deducting points with real-time feedback, Class Dojo provides a visual for students to determine whether or not their behavior is desirable. Awards can be given when students reach specific point levels.

How safe is Class Dojo?

ClassDojo has been certified by iKeepSafe, an FTC-approved COPPA Safe Harbor, for compliance with their COPPA Safe Harbor program. We don’t ask for or require children to provide personal information beyond that which is reasonably necessary to use ClassDojo.

Can I use Class Dojo as a teacher and a parent?

You can easily switch between a teacher and parent account on our iOS and Android apps using our Account Switcher feature. From the web, you will need to log out of your teacher account and sign back in as a parent. Once you delete your teacher account, you can use your email address to create a parent account here.

How do parents sign up for ClassDojo?

To Create a Parent Account with a Parent Code:

  • Go to
  • Select “Parent” from the center of the screen.
  • Enter your parent code and select “Check code” and Click on “I’m ___’s Parent” OR select “Sign up,” enter your first and last name, email address, and create a password before clicking “Sign Up” again.

Do you have to pay for class dojo?

ClassDojo helps teachers in all kinds of classrooms encourage students and engage parents. To make sure every student can benefit, it’s important that ClassDojo is always free for the entire teacher community. ClassDojo will always be free for teachers. Everything that is currently free will always be free.