How To Work For A Temp Agency?

Is working for a temp agency a good idea?

In a shaky job market, temp agencies can cut out the legwork and quickly connect you with the right job. But even as many temps hope to stay on as a permanent worker, most don’t. A means, not an end: It’s good to start with temp agencies, but some workers can get stuck there.

Is it easy to get a temp job?

Yes, temp work is a good way to get a start. The pay sucks, but at least it’s something. If you find an assignment where you’d like to go permanent you can talk about it with your supervisor and see if they have any plans to bring anyone on board permanently. Yes, do it.

What should I wear to a temp agency?

Since you’re essentially an ambassador for the temp agency at the companies in which they’ll place you, the staffing agency needs to believe that you’ll make a good impression. Wear business casual attire at the minimum—and nix the sneakers, jeans, wrinkled shirts or dirty shoes.

Can you negotiate salary with a temp agency?

It is possible to negotiate salary terms with a temp agency. Typically, temp agencies charge clients a flat rate per hour for an employee. The amount depends on the experience and education required, and the type of position. The agency keeps a percentage of that fee, which is generally 25 to 50 percent.