How To Work For Blizzard?

How much do Blizzard employees make?

Blizzard Entertainment pays its employees an average of $84,656 a year.

Salaries at Blizzard Entertainment range from an average of $48,626 to $133,890 a year.

How do I get a job at Blizzard?


How to get a job at Blizzard, with Michael Vicente –

Does Blizzard pay well?

The average Blizzard Entertainment salary ranges from approximately $34,727 per year for Customer Service Representative to $133,188 per year for Senior Data Scientist. Average Blizzard Entertainment hourly pay ranges from approximately $12.88 per hour for Game Master to $42.62 per hour for Software Engineer.

Is Blizzard a good company to work for?

Blizzard is a great company to work for. They are really good to their employees, and their benefits are amazing! Blizzard is a very good company to be at, the experience gained is invaluable and they deeply care about their employees and communities.

What is the average salary of a Google employee?

$115,461 a year

Where are Blizzard offices?

Where is Blizzard Entertainment located? Our headquarters, where all game development takes place, are located in Irvine, California. In addition, we have offices in several other locations around the world to support players of our games in those regions. Check out some of the jobs located around the world.

Is overwatch 2 coming out?

Blizzard is yet to announce an official release date for Overwatch 2. However, Playstation Brazil announced in a since-deleted tweet that the game will launch in 2020, so we may well see Tracer and co return this year.

Do Blizzard employees get free wow?

If you land a job at Blizzard Entertainment, expect to play games during work. But not only do employees – pretty much all gamers – play games at work, they get a few free $15/month Warcraft accounts to share with friends and family.

What is a blizzard for kids?

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