How To Work For Loomis?

How much do you make working for Loomis?

The average hourly wage at Loomis ranges from approximately $11.39 for Shift Manager to $22.82 for Mechanic Helper. The average Loomis salary ranges from about $20,000 for a Shipping and Receiving Clerk to $155,916 for a Secure Driver.

How do you get a job with Loomis?

It might not be easy to get a job with Loomis, but if you have what it takes, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for a rewarding career.
Consider joining our team.

  • Guard/Driver
  • Services for Cash Management.
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Maintenance of the fleet.
  • Human Resources is a term used to describe a group of
  • Operations are carried out.
  • Sales. Risk management.

How much do Loomis Armored drivers make?

The average hourly pay at Loomis ranges from approximately $13.29 for a Secure Driver to $17.66 for a Truck Driver. The average Loomis salary ranges from $27,387 to $97,443 per year, depending on the position.

Is Loomis a good job?

Work is good and consistent.
Good hours, fair pay (sort of), and, for the most part, a pleasant work environment. The best part of my day is dealing with clients. On a resume, it looks fantastic. There is a lack of coordination between the vault and path crews.

Does Loomis drug test?

Is there a random drug screening at Loomis? No, it’s not true.

How much do armored truck workers make?

According to PayScale, other armored trucking firms pay their drivers an average of $12.17 per hour, with the highest end of the scale at $17.50 and the lowest end at $10.03. Since you are a regional driver who is paid by the hour, you can earn overtime in this form of job.

What does Loomis mean?

The meaning of the name Loomis. English: habitational name derived from the Old English elements lumm ‘pool’ + halh ‘nook’,’recess’, as described in the Middle Ages near Bury in Lancashire.

Where is Loomis located?

Loomis is a town in the state of California. Loomis (formerly Pine, Pino, Smithville, and Placer) is an incorporated town in California’s Placer County. The Sacramento–Arden–Arcade–Roseville Metropolitan Statistical Area includes it.

What type of company is Loomis?

Loomis (previously Loomis, Fargo & Co.) is a cash management firm. In 1997, two armored security companies, Wells Fargo Armored Service and Loomis Armored Inc., merged to create the modern group.

Does Loomis pay every week?

Loomis pays every two weeks.

How much do armored truck security guards make?

Salaries for Armored Drivers and Guards

Job Title Salary
Brink’s, Incorporated Armored Driver/Guard salaries – 18 salaries reported $14/hr
GardaWorld Armored Driver/Guard salaries – 11 salaries reported $15/hr
Loomis Armored Driver/Guard salaries – 6 salaries reported $29,202/yr

There are 17 rows remaining.

How do I get a job as an armored truck?

Drivers of Armored Trucks Should Take These Measures

  1. Step 1: Comply with your state’s regulations. Armoured truck drivers must have a high school diploma at the very least.
  2. Step 2: Obtain a Security Professional License.
  3. Step 3: Obtain a Firearms Permit or License.
  4. Step 4: Earn a certification in order to advance your career.

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