How To Work For The Mta?

You must apply online for most MTA jobs.

You can use regular mail to apply for a position with MTA Bridges and Tunnels.

Access its employment opportunities by going to and clicking on Bridges and Tunnels.

How much do MTA workers make an hour?

Average MTA New York City Transit hourly pay ranges from approximately $15.98 per hour for Clerical Associate to $46.22 per hour for Specialist.

Is the MTA a good place to work?

MTA Employee Reviews. Overall it’s a pretty good job only thing is it hard to apply for certain jobs due to the union your in, them making you work your first off day especially if you are a driver and and the seniority I get it but in everything seniority shouldn’t be a factor when you are doing the same job.

How much do MTA cleaners make?

The current minimum salary for Cleaner/Maintainer’s Helpers is $13.61 per hour for a 40-hour week. The pay increases to $22.8125 per hour after 48 months.

How long does MTA take to hire?

The hiring process can take anywhere from eight months to three years or more. The length of time depends on the number of applicants and MTA’s hiring needs.

Does MTA pay weekly?

We get pay every two weeks. No , every two. No, the pay is bi-weekly.

Who pays for the MTA?

The MTA budget is divided into two kinds of funding: operating and capital. According to Byford, fares cover approximately 46 percent of daily operating expenses, such as bus and subway driver salaries. The remaining 54 percent is covered by miscellaneous revenue like advertising, rental income, and taxes.

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Do MTA employees ride for free?

One major perk of working in the subway system: It’s against New York State Law to not allow state workers into their workplace, meaning MTA employees are granted free commutes on the LIRR and Metro-North, as well as trains or buses.

Are MTA workers city employees?

The MTA is governed by a 21-member Board. The MTA’s operating agencies (employees payrolls originate from the respective agencies) are MTA New York City Transit, MTA Bus, Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North Railroad, and MTA Bridges and Tunnels.

How do you become a train conductor for the MTA?

To become an MTA conductor, you must have a high-school diploma or GED, pass a medical exam that determines how fit you are to perform the job, pass a drug screening, speak and understand English, and prove who you are and that you are legally able to work in the United States.

Is MTA hiring for cleaners?

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority Bus Company is looking for Cleaner/Maintainer’s Helpers. The application deadline is July 30 and the fee is $40. Applicants must have experience or education in automotive maintenance.

How often are MTA trains cleaned?

A.) All our train cars are cleaned on a nightly basis after they’ve been taken out of service. Our hardworking cleaners sweep and mop the floors and wipe down seats. The car exterior is also washed weekly. Additionally, our trains get a deep cleaning every 72 days, or about five times a year.

How long is the MTA test?

50 minutes

Are MTA police real cops?

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police Department (MTAPD) is the law enforcement agency of New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority. MTA Police Officers are fully empowered under the New York State Public Authorities Law and are commissioned in the state of Connecticut.

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What does the MTA test consist of?

MTA Multiple-Choice Exam Preparation:

28 reading comprehension & verbal tests. 10 information ordering tests. 16 spatial orientation & visualization tests. 5 inductive & deductive reasoning tests.

Does MTA do random drug tests?

The MTA conducts random drug tests on workers in safety sensitive positions.