How To Work For Tmz?

How much does TMZ pay their employees?

8 TMZ Employee Salaries.

TMZ employees earn $90,000 annually on average, or $43 per hour, which is 34% higher than the national salary average of $64,000 per year.

According to our data, the highest paying job at TMZ is a Director of New Media at $120,000 annually.

What is it like to work at TMZ?

It’s a very fast paced environment and you work for very demanding people. You need to have something new and different to bring to the pitch meeting every morning! But, they have free lunch every Friday and the energy in the room is pretty cool. Do not pass up an opportunity with TMZ if given.

How do I get on TMZ?

TMZ Live. Call: 855-TMZ-LIVE Monday-Friday at AM PDT. Call: 855-TMZ-LIVE Monday-Friday at AM PDT. Call: 855-TMZ-LIVE Monday-Friday at AM PDT.

How do you get a complex job?


  • Accountant, FinanceAPPLY.
  • Account Director, Brand PartnershipsAPPLY.
  • Account Director, Brand PartnershipsAPPLY.
  • Assistant Editor, First We FeastAPPLY.
  • Associate Creative Director, First We FeastAPPLY.
  • Business Operations ManagerAPPLY.
  • Creative Director, Branded ContentAPPLY.

Is being a paparazzi a job?

Paparazzi Photographer Jobs. Paparazzi take photos of celebrities and sell them to magazines and tabloids. Basically it is your job to invade a famous person’s life and snap photos of them in compromising situations for entertainment purposes. The word paparazzi came from the Italian word for mosquito or pest.

What does the TMZ stand for?

TMZ is a tabloid news website that debuted on November 8, 2005. The name TMZ stands for thirty-mile zone, the historic “studio zone” within a 30-mile (50 km) radius centered at the intersection of West Beverly Boulevard and North La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.

Where is TMZ located?

Los Angeles

Who works for TMZ?

Series Cast

Dax Holt Himself 2,007 episodes, 2007-2016
Harvey Levin Himself – Host / 1,488 episodes, 2007-2019
Brian Mcdaniel Himself 1,357 episodes, 2007-2014
Ryan Satin Himself 1,198 episodes, 2009-2014
Charlie Neff Herself 1,041 episodes, 2013-2016

303 more rows

Who works at TMZ?


Type of site Tabloid
Created by Harvey Levin Jim Paratore
Editor Harvey Levin
Parent Warner Bros. (WarnerMedia) (AT&T)

8 more rows

What is a business complex?

complex. General: Cluster of close by and interconnected buildings, facilities, or structures (usually isolated from the surroundings by a fence or wall) built to serve a common function, such as a housing complex, medical complex, military-industrial complex.

How is it working for Spotify?

Here is how to get a job at Spotify:

  1. Be great at the job we want to hire you for. This is absolute key.
  2. Have a little patience.
  3. Focus on what you are great at.
  4. Make it easy for us to see how great you are.
  5. It’s more important to stand out in your résumé than to have your résumé stand out.

How can I work for Facebook?

  • Skills beat experience. Just like every other company, getting a job at Facebook starts with sending in an application.
  • Know yourself. The next step of the Facebook application process is several rounds of interviews with the hiring manager and with peers.
  • Build.
  • Be yourself.

Do paparazzi make a lot of money?

The biggest money comes from exclusive shots of international stars—Brangelina, Johnny Depp—going about their everyday A-list business. Good photos can sell over and over again, from South America to Australia, earning a smart paparazzo up to $500,000 yearly.

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Can I sell pictures of celebrities?

If you have snapped a celebrity, caught someone famous on camera, or own old images of a famous person – you can sell them right here! You’ll see your pictures appear in some of the world’s leading publications. Each time your image or video is used, you’ll get paid.

Why are paparazzi legal?

Due to the reputation of paparazzi as a nuisance, several states and countries restrict their activities by passing laws and curfews, and by staging events in which paparazzi are specifically not allowed to take photographs. In the United States, celebrity news organizations are protected by the First Amendment.