How To Work In China?

Most foreign nationals working in mainland China are required to obtain a residence permit.

This is in effect a one-year multiple entry visa; a permit holder can leave China and return with no difficulty.

The safest way to come to a job in China is to enter the country on a Z visa.

How can I get job in China?

When it comes to landing a job in China, you have three options:

  • Go to China and look for a job once there.
  • Go to China as an intern or as a student, work hard and network aggressively, and at the end of 3 or 6 months there is a good chance you’ll have a full-time job offer somewhere.

Can foreigners work in China?

According to the Exit and Entry Administration Law of China:

Foreigners who work in China must obtain a work permit and a work-type residence permit in accordance with relevant regulations. No entities or individual shall employ foreigners who don’t have these two documents.

Is it easy to get a job in China as a foreigner?

The best way to find a job in China is by using personal contacts who work for a company in China that might need someone with your skills. Such listings are targeted at foreigners, but most of them are only for part-time or contract work.

What are common jobs in China?

Top Ten Most Popular Professions for Your Job-Seeking in China

  1. Electronic information. Known as the sunrise industry, electronic information is an emerging high-tech industry.
  2. Biotechnology.
  3. Automobile.
  4. Modern medicine.
  5. Logistics.
  6. New materials.
  7. Environmental energy.
  8. Management.