How To Work Pocket Juice?


Insert one end of the included Micro USB cable or the original cable that came with your device into the phone.

Insert the other end into the USB port of the Pocket Juice Charger.


Turn the Power Bank on by pressing the Power ON/OFF button, the charging process will start.

How do you recharge a pocket juice portable charger?

Pocket Juice Charging Demo –

How do I know my pocket juice is charging?

How to Use Pocket Juice Rechargeable Power Bank –

Are pocket juice Chargers good?

They have capacities starting from 4000 mAh and going up to as much as 20000 mAh. Overall, PocketJuice is not a premium portable charger brand, and its build quality and reliability are quite average.

How do you charge a Tzumi pocket juice?

To charge all devices by the POCKET JUICE CHARGER, attach the device by the USB cable, & press the power key. The LEDs on the front of the Pocket Juice charger brighten as the POCKET JUICE POWER BANK charges the associated device.

What is a pocket juice portable charger?

With tzumi’s 10,000mAh PocketJuice Endurance Slim Portable Charger you can take all of your smart devices and other electronics on the go with you and keep them fully charged all day long. tzumi’s PocketJuice Endurance Slim Charger is one of the fastest phone and tablet chargers on the market.

How do you turn on a power bank?

The Power Bank is controlled with a single on/off button. A blue LED lets you know the device is powered on, and flashes when a phone is being charged. Disconnect the phone and the Power Bank switches off in 20 seconds. To power the flashlight up and down, the on/off button is held for two seconds.