How To Work With Phyllo Dough?

Is phyllo dough hard to work with?

Tissue-thin sheets of phyllo dough can be frustrating to work with because they can dry out quickly and tear.

Phyllo sheets thaw more evenly and are less likely to stick together if you let the unopened package thaw in the refrigerator overnight.

You can keep unopened, thawed phyllo in the fridge for up to a month.

What can I do with broken phyllo dough?

If the broken pieces are big enough to handle (with dry hands, once the phyllo is thawed), it’s easy enough to patch.

  • Put the pieces you want to patch together side by side.
  • Brush them gently with your melted butter.
  • Lay a third piece of phyllo on top of the tear area.

How do you seal phyllo dough?

Wrap the unused sheets of phyllo dough firmly in plastic wrap.

Position the sheet of phyllo dough.

  1. Take 1 sheet from the unrolled stack of phyllo dough.
  2. Place the sheet of phyllo dough on a free area of your workspace.
  3. Cover the unrolled stack of phyllo dough with a damp cloth or plastic wrap.

How do you use phyllo dough?

Points to remember

  • Melt the butter.
  • Unroll the filo pastry pack.
  • Brush each sheet with melted butter and layer up according to the recipe.
  • Use for making samosas, parcels, streusels and lining tart tins.
  • Try this technique with our favourite filo pastry recipes.