How To Work With Stucco?

How is stucco applied?

Traditional stucco is applied in a three-coat process to wood-frame exterior walls.

Two-coat stucco is used on concrete, brick, and block walls.

The existing masonry makes a scratch coat unnecessary.

Instead of metal lath, a bonding adhesive is applied to the masonry wall before two coats of stucco are applied.

How hard is it to do stucco?

Modern stucco is harder than the traditional material and doesn’t break as easily. This is due to the incorporation of Portland cement into the mixture in the mid-1800s. The strength of modern stucco makes it appropriate for siding material.

Can I do stucco myself?

No, you should not try it yourself. Stucco is considered an art, not a trade. The skills required are refined over time, but it’s one of those things where you either have the touch or you don’t. If you aren’t skilled, you will never get an acceptable result.

How do you apply stucco finish?

Imasco Stucco Training Video Part 5 – Applying Finish Coat –