Question: How To Get A Job At Bain Capital?

Careers at Bain

Our home office model, we believe, produces the best outcomes for our people, culture, and clients.
We offer comprehensive, individualised training to ensure you have the tools you need to succeed. Every 18-24 months, you’ll attend a global training session where you’ll share perspectives with colleagues from 63 offices and develop broad expertise that helps you prepare for what’s next, wherever that takes you.

Is Bain Capital a good company to work for?

Bain Capital is a fantastic place to work because the culture is very family-like, and you are constantly challenged but highly motivated to succeed because you are rewarded for it. It is a company with extremely bright employees who inspire you to rise to the top and give your best.

What does Bain Capital do?

Bain Capital is a Boston-based private investment firm that specializes in private equity, venture capital, credit, public equity, impact investing, life sciences, and real estate. It invests in a variety of industry sectors and geographic regions.

What is Bain looking for?

“We look for people who are excited about what we do,” Bevans explains. “They are enthusiastic about tackling tough problems for some of the world’s most influential companies, and they get energy from working with like-minded peers.”

What do I need to get into private equity?

A bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or a related program, as well as an MBA, is required to work as a private equity analyst. Entry-level positions are available, but experience working in the financial sector is usually required.

Why is Bain & Company the best place to work?

Employees continue to emphasize their positive experiences working with global clients u2013 leaders in their respective industries u2013 to create tangible results and business value in their Glassdoor reviews.

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Is Bain and Company the same as Bain Capital?

It’s helpful to clarify that Bain and Company is a management consulting firm, while Bain Capital is a private equity firm; the two companies are separate entities with no shared governance or ownership. Mitt Romney has no current ties to Bain and Company other than being one of its most prominent alumni.

What airlines does Bain Capital own?

Virgin Australia will officially transfer to new owners Bain Capital tomorrow, seven months after the struggling airline went into administration, weighed down by a multi-billion dollar mountain of debt.

What happens when Bain Capital buys a company?

After completing a buyout in which Bain gained majority control, the new “owners” would get down to business, cutting costs by laying off workers and cutting capital costs (to allow the company to start paying off its “new debt”).

Who audits Bain Capital?

The Bain funds are audited by PwC in accordance with private company standards set by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

How hard is it to get hired at Bain?

Passing the initial screening process is probably the most difficult part of the application process; for example, a large Bain office might receive around 3000 applications and narrow it down to about 100 for the first interview, so you’d have to be in the top 3% to even get an interview.

When should I apply for Bain?

Students should apply when they have at least one semester to one year of school left after the summer internship, and Master’s (non-MBA students with less than three years of work experience) students completing a two-year program should apply in their first year.

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Which is better Bain or McKinsey?

In head-to-head recruiting, Bain frequently beats out BCG on the basis of culture, but loses to McKinsey on the basis of prestige or brand-name. In terms of staffing, Bain is more analyst-heavy than both McKinsey and BCG, with two analysts and fewer senior people.

Is Private Equity bad?

Even an industry-friendly study from the University of Chicago found that two years after a company is bought by private equity, employment shrinks by 4.4 percent and worker wages fall by 1.7 percent.

How hard is private equity?

Without prior experience in investment banking or private equity and without attending a typical target school, getting into private equity will be extremely difficult; your best bet is to get a strong job in financial services after graduation and then try to move into investment banking laterally.

Is private equity a good career?

A career in private equity can be financially and personally rewarding, with private equity managers frequently taking great pride in successfully guiding their portfolio companies to new high levels of profitability.

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